Monday, June 30, 2008

hello, gorgeous.

Now, who says guns aren't feminine? (click to enlarge)

Since my wonderful friend Nikki reads my blog, she knows how much I am amused and delighted by pink "girlie" guns. She also knows me well enough to know that I wouldn't like a gun that was too shiny, too blingy, or too precious. So for my birthday this year she ordered me new custom-made grips for my Bersa Thunder .380, made out of purpleheart - naturally a dark purplish-pink wood. The grips fit perfectly, feel nice in my hand and are so beautiful in the sunlight, honestly - the wood almost glows.

When it comes to prettying up your pistol, sometimes less is applying lipstick, a sheer wash of rose is much classier than a sticky bubblegum pink.


Tam said...


I lurves me some nice wood grips, and those are gorgeous!

Mike W. said...

Those look good! I've been thinking of picking up a set of his grips for my P6.

red said...

Very nice! I've never seen that type of wood before, looks good.

Earl said...

Hmmm, nice looking, well the weapon fits the user - and the bad guys will only notice the large round hole at the end of the barrel, you will have to describe the beauty of the hand grips as that hole gets larger and larger in their eyes. Beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

Last year I ordered a set of walnut grips from Dennis for my nickel 380CC. They're quite nice, reasonably priced & service was prompt... especially considering they came all the way from Hungary!

Mike W. said...

He has way too many choices of wood. I don't know what to get.

Laura said...

oh that's *pretty*. if i get a revolver, i'm getting a pair for it.

Willorith said...

Oh my but aren't you all dressed up. Fancy sneakers and purpleheart grips. All the guys are talking about you.

phlegmfatale said...

Stunning grips, babe! What's the weight like on that wood?

I'm all for subtlety to a point, and despite all my shooty spa pretentions, I love the ideer of plain-jane arms, but please don't take away my harlot-red lipstick!

Willorith said...

A gun that you carry every day gets knocked around and banged up somewhat. Nice wood gains respectability and honor with each blemish, much like calloused hands evincing honest work. Each time you touch your weapon you will be reminded that someone loves you. Little gifts that we carry through our lives can add great depth to our existence

The Captain said...

Nice. If it's anything like my rosewood grips, the grip panel nearest your body will darken over time with exposure to perspiration. Not sure there's much that can be done about that.

Jay G said...

Now there's a gun that's almost as purty as its owner.


Anonymous said...

My mother is not a shooter, and has never evinced any interest in shooting. She's not anti-gun by any means, and holds the gun grabbers in contempt (I believe she has the bizarre idea that even Constitutional rights she does not presently exercise are still sacrosanct - likewise she appears to believe in the First Amendment despite not owning a printing press).

Anyway, some years ago she was helping her father move into a smaller apartment after her mother died. She opened a shoe box to find a Colt .25 Vest Pocket Auto, with walnut grips, and several boxes of ammo. She told me it was so cute it was the first gun she'd ever seen that she wanted to just pick up and hold. My grandfather bought it in Chicago in 1927 just before he came out to Seattle - I suppose even then people though you ought to pack heat going Out West.

I have that pistol now, and in some ways it's my favorite handgun just because of the provenance. And I gotta admit, it is one cute little sucker.

TANk GiRL said...

I've been reading your blog since no long ago, anyway I've noticed you like guns. Personally I'm afraid of them so I wanted to ask you what is that you find so appealing... I mean those things are meant to kill and harm, right? but you don't seem the kind of person that likes to inflict pain or so... again, back to my question, why do you like them so much?

breda said...

tank girl -

The only things I've ever "inflicted pain" on with my gun are pieces of paper at the range, when I'm practicing shooting at targets. But if someone ever attempts inflicting pain on me, I'll be prepared to defend myself.

Plus, many guns are very nice looking little marvels of engineering.

Mike said...

Hey Steve howzabout a picture - I love old Colt pocket pistols.

Anonymous said...

I've owned two .380's in my life, both were Brownings. I no longer have them, but was not afraid to rely on them for defense.

Can you tell me something about your Bersa? I have several pistols all but one in heavier calibers (it is the most effective,btw), but I really liked the .380. Could you recommend Bersa and if so why?

Anonymous said...

I just have to respond to Captain. Ladies don't perspire, they glow. He grips will just glow with a deeper lustre.

Anonymous said...

Tank girl-

Let me ask you a question.

How do you stop people from inflicting pain?
Common answer: call the police.
What do the police do?
They show after several minutes with a gun.
Why would you allow someone to inflict pain for several minutes if you had the ability to stop them immediately?

Having a gun allows you to protect yourself and the people around you. As a small bonus you can also go to the shooting range and have a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Wood grips are akin to the gravy on a tasty steak! Enhances that eye appeal. There's something about wood grain and steel that makes a natural fusion resulting in esthetic satisfaction and new wood grips can make old steel look new. I think the wood grips I put on my old Makarov make it feel new again.

It seems the Bersa and the Makarov have a lot in common.

doubletrouble said...

OR, put another way MS Jack,

"Why do you carry a gun?"
"Because a whole cop is too heavy."

I like that one.

SpeakerTweaker said...

WOW. Them's some nice grips.

So classy, it seems wrong to call it Gun Pr0n.


Burnt Toast said...

Uh, am I the only one who noticed the nice composition of the photograph?

Good job Breda!

Eck! said...


One fine picture and my favorite flower.
The .380 is really nice too.


Odd you pick that name considering the character it references.

Criminals and other types obtain guns, knives and other weapons to intimidate, destroy and commit crime. Self defense against that is both fair and unfortunate that it may be needed. The goal of the gunnies I know is to never use it for that. Despite preparation,training and
practice, none wish to hurt or harm another. There is a high price paid when one takes a life even when absolutely required and any person that carries a defensive weapon will tell you that. Please give this serious and critical thought. I'll add no one will ever force you to own or carry a firearm as its a personal decision that carries complete responsibility for it's use.

As a sport, shooting is a skill and great activity to share with friends.


Mrs. Bitchpatch #1 said...

I want one