Tuesday, October 23, 2007

alternative beauty.

Amina Munster does pin-up style modeling with a punk, hard core edge. As you can see, she hasn't limited her tattoos to her flesh alone:

Amina's leg is exactly like mine. (with the addition of some very cool artwork, of course.) We even wear the same brand of foot.


Robb Allen said...

I'm still technically a newbie here so I hope I can be forgiven, but I didn't know you had an artificial leg.

It's a good thing I don't, because I'm the kind of guy who would buy legs that specifically made them stand out. Neon, blinking lights, MP3 player built in, etc. Heck, I'd even make one that had a "nervous foot" (that way, it would match my other leg).

Breda said...

Robb - What's to forgive?

I figured I should fess up sooner rather than later. People might start thinking I had some weird amputee fetish (which I've discovered, to my dismay, is something that actually does exist.)

Robb Allen said...

Well, I didn't know if it was one of those things you've talked about ad naseum in the past and I missed it. However, I did get this weird vibe on the Amy post where you said something about not fearing what you look like any more.

And, while not a fetish, I think the technology behind artificial limbs these days is totally cool.

Mind if I ask your story?

Breda said...

I've posted about my leg a little on my livejournal. There's a link a few posts down (in my first Aimee Mullins post).

My story: When I was born, my left leg below the knee was, in a word, wrong. I was missing bones, I had a deformed foot, my heel was fused to the back of my calf. Doctors decided to amputate to give me a better chance of leading a normal life. I'm glad they did, because they were right. During my childhood, I had multiple surgeries to compensate for growth spurts and had to wear a brace on my right leg for other birth defects on that side, but now I am basically a normal active woman...although I doubt that I'll be taking up jogging. Ever.

Lydia said...

I guess this just means that it's time to start picking out the ink for your leg

Breda said...

Lydia - you know me all too well ;-)

comatus said...

"some weird amputee fetish (which I've discovered, to my dismay, is something that actually does exist.)"

Everybody in here has a weird fetish, one kind or another. It's just that some of us only today found out you don't.
Fetish. That's such an ugly word.

This is analogous to Tam saying she just can't trust tall guys.

Kinky, proud of it, yet still a fan.

Breda said...

Comatus - after reading your comments, I constantly feel like asking:

"who ARE you?"


DirtCrashr said...

Everything in footgear is so activity and sport-specific nowdays (ok bear with me I know this's tangential). You need a different shoe for walking than running or hiking, and ~Capezio's~ for dancing! There's different bicycle shoes whether it's mountain or road, hell even skateboarders have their own *shooze* - not to mention the different watersports and frozen-watersports. It's endless even before you get to The Manolos and dresswear. My wife has a dozen different flip-flips for Hawaii, besides other kinds of shoes - it's not simply the imbecilic Nike phrase "Just Do It" anymore - it's more that, "You gotta do it" because there's no middle of the road options. Seague. I'd have at least four: one for off-road motorcycle riding, one for aquatic sports, one for bicycling, another for dinghy sailing (with flotation), one for home-handyman stuff that works on a ladder... Ok, more than four.
Guys easily spend thousands on their gear and the shit in their garage - I cheaped, my table-saw was only $550.
It's actually reasonable and good for the economy, you have to keep-up. :-)

Breda said...

dirtcrashr - I'd love to have a bunch of tricked out legs too. Hell, I'd like just one that I could use to wear high heels. Unfortunately anything beyond the standard is not covered by insurance and can run into the 10s of thousands of dollars (minimum).

DirtCrashr said...

Crap! Insurance laws need to change, or a "creative" billing process instigated - if they can provide coverage on zero-down no-equity loans to goobers who nearly sinks an industry. Sheesh, them and Lawyers...