Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I'm at the library. It's almost 8PM. I feel like I've been here forever. There was a children's reading & craft program this evening so there has been a surplus of bored wandering parents and shrieking children. The dreadlocked homeless porn-looker made an appearance earlier, as well as the deaf guy who tattles on him. The old guy with the phlegm problem is here somewhere, I can hear his wet rattle back in the stacks. All I need now is a phone call from the idiot crossword puzzle lady (she is unfamiliar with both unicef and ahab, I swear) and my night will be complete.


comatus said...

They're smelly and they're smoky and they're altogether screwy/
And force themselves in facets
that are not defined by Dewey/
you either have to make the choice
to call the cops and bust 'em, or/
accept they are the model of
your next library customer

Breda said...

Bravo, comatus!!