Wednesday, October 24, 2007

cute gun!

This may be odd, coming from a librarian and all...but how exactly do you protect yourself with a book? Threaten paper cuts? (and, yes, I know, knowledge is power, blah blah blah...)


Weer'd Beard said...

Those who say "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword" hasn't had just a pen against a bunch of illiterates with swords.

But the pen is "More Civilized"

For what that's worth.....

Arcticelf said...

Well its easy to protect yourself with a book. First you read it, then you do what it says.

I suggest this book as a good place to start:

Followed up by one about how to us a pistol to achieve the above, perhaps one of Masad Ayoob's books.

But some how I don't think thats what the original poster meant.


comatus said...

Waal, if it weren't for some misuse of pens, we wouldn't be so all-fired unsworded just now. Just, as we say, sayin'.

A school administrator did actually field a plan within the last year for stranded students to hold up stacks of books as bullet shields. He said it was better than nothing, and he was right.

BobG said...

I would be likely to toss the book into the face of an attacker, then go for the groin or kneecap during the diversion.

Gregg said...

Uhhhmmmm, smack 'em upside the head with as large a hardback book as you can handle (I like the OED), preferably when they're not looking at you.

Sadly that can be kind of hard on the book

comatus said...

It's a trick question, guys. Breda's a 'profesional' librarian. A "shhh" from her will shut down any aggressor known to man. She had me groveling, just the other day. And I'm pretty tough, boy.