Friday, October 12, 2007

what a surprise!

(not really.)

Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize! What an honor! Up there among great men like Yasser Arafat and the U.N. Peacekeeping troops! Way to go, Al!

And while global warming may or may not exist (I wouldn't be the one to ask), let's consider this:

Hmm...what to do, what to do?

Oh! Carbon credits! That'll fix it. It's really just this easy! You can even get a fancy certificate to show your friends and alleviate your guilt!


Weer'd Beard said...

I strongly belive that current climet changes are not because of CO2 emissions (but then again I learned from highly educated scientists and text books written by leaders in the feild, rather than lawyers and polititions, so that data is likely suspect)

Still this proves the further irrelevence of the Peace Prize.

here's another wopper!

comatus said...

In the 1960's Warren, Ohio, was (kind of) proud of the fact that they got the least direct sunlight of any recorded spot on earth. This was due to the Cuyahoga Valley effect (the reason you get all that snow instead of me, and the booming particulate sources of the Mahoning Valley. So, we built a couple of nuke plants, shut down almost all the mills, and now you can look up and see how nice it is. All that sunlight, now reaching the ground instead of reflecting back...yup, the warming may be human-related. We caused it by eliminating air pollution. So I guess I know how to reverse the trend.

Hard to accept, but New Englanders flocked to Ohio after the Year of No Summer, because of the milder climate (shudder).

Another time, let's look up the tsunami that struck Conneaut. No kidding.