Monday, November 26, 2007

*sprouts horns and fur, drools, drags knuckles,
eats babies, kicks puppies,
howls at the moon, terrorizes cities*

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Sebastian said...

Is that for real? Does it have any context to go with it?

Breda said...

I added a link, Sebastian. I don't know any more than that, although I'm still looking.

Sebastian said...

Follow ze money. The home page listed is Who are they:

The Wounded in America project is made possible in part through the generous support of the Chicago Chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility and its funders, the Pike's Peak Community Foundation and the Medical College of Wisconsin. The WIA website is solely operated and owned, written and edited by the authors of Wounded in America, writer, Stephanie Arena, and photographer, Robert Drea, and is their copyrighted material.

So let's see...

Physicians for Social Responsibility - Joyce funded.

Medical College of Wisconsin - Joyce funded.

They are an incestuous bunch aren't they? Great grass roots they have going there. You know, we do our advocacy for free. I think we're getting the short end of the stick!

Breda said...

ah-HA! thank you, Sebastian!

Less said...

Well, Milwaukee is pretty lame anyway. Not as lame as Madison, but lame enough.

Ace said...

If we go by the illustration and the legend, the only thing that can stop us is a silver bullet.

Oh wait! You need a gun to fire one.


comatus said...

The one on the far right is not on welfare and hasn't sold crack to your kid sister yet. Unfair to Moonlight-Americans!

Hey, read the gun "crime" citations in the link; they're a scream. Without even seeking further details, 2 out of 3 are criminals shot in the act, or mope-on-mope. Plus a couple of classically negligent "it just went offs" (can't expect kids raised hands-off not to point and jerk when the sock-drawer's left unlocked), and a few from Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide--where in Illinois are they, again?

And then, victim shot while stealing backdrop bales from a gun club. In anyone else's universe, that would have made the Darwin page. You can't mock these guys--they beat you to it!

Breda, you don't make this stuff up, do you?

Linoge said...

Damn, my firearms seem to have come without the standard-issue mind-control chip that all this "gun control" advocates seem to indicate they come with... I feel cheated.

The Duck said...

Arn't we suppose to get wheelbarrows full of money?, that't the word on the net

Jerry said...

Well, I sent them a short letter. Here's their answer, and my letter to them. (I wonder if we could all get the message to them?)


Thank you for your thoughts.

Please consider asking your friends to visit

-------------- Original message --------------
From: Jerry

I think not! What I see, most plainly, is scare. You attempt to paint every person who owns a gun as an evil murderous individual. That is an outright lie!

Guns are nothing more than tools. Hammers have been used to murder. Screwdrivers have been used to murder.

I think if you check your facts and report truthfully you will find the majority of your "deaths" come from some illegal activity.

I also believe if you check your facts you'll find more children die from drowning than shootings. Let's not forget abuse either.


1. Treat all guns as if they are loaded. ( If you see a gun, report it, DO NOT TOUCH IT, it may be evidence from a crime.

2. Never cover the muzzle of a gun with anything you don't want to DESTROY. You can not replace a finger, hand, or any other body part that has been blown off. That includes your friends.

3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.

4. Be sure of your target. The bullet may not stop at the target, you may even miss the target, and you will be responsible for the damage by that bullet.

Guns can be useful to protect lives. Keep in mind. Danger may be seconds away, help is always minutes or longer.

Please, stop trying to scare people and spread the truth. People do not become criminals just because the get a gun. Criminals will be criminals, thugs will thugs, no matter what tool they get.'


Breda said...

Jerry, you are awesome. Thanks for doing that.

DirtCrashr said...

"Social Responsibility" is code for the Socialism itself and shifting responsibility (denying it in fact) from individuals to the victim-group. "Turn us into Monsters" indeed - the individual can only be saved by submitting to the Collective.

jimbob86 said...

"The night Max wore his wolf suit..... and made mischief.... of one kind........ or another...."

-Where The Wild Things Are