Sunday, November 4, 2007


My friend MikeW from livejournal went to the range for the first time. Please stop by his blog to encourage and congratulate him, and give him tips!


Sebastian said...

I left him a comment. Turns out he lives in my neck of the woods.

comatus said...

Heh. Looks like Mike's the victim of a BredaLanche (tm).

Commentaries like that always remind me how much "life out here" has changed during my lifetime. For 4 out of 5 of us, shooting will be, from the very start, a social activity, done only at a club or commercial range. When I was a kid, everybody either was or knew a farmer, and there were ample (and relatively, or so-so, safe) opportunities to plink for years before ever "shooting in front of people," as range activity was called back then. That's the biggest thing that makes first trips to the range such a, well, big thing.

It's not all bad, just different. Like learning horsemanship at a riding academy, or driving at Bob Bondurant's. Hell, they teach sex in school. Does this nation have no back alleys anymore?

Having said, I reckon Pa. has more well-run sportsman clubs and accessible ranges than any other place. I got to watch "Tommy Gun" Santelli (from Prosperity, he'll have you know) rack-em-up and whack-em at WVU on Sat. Anybody who messes with the Pennsylvanians deserves what he gets, to include the VI Panzerarmee (who tried to interrupt my dad's free tour of Europe in the company of Pennsylvania Rifles in '44).