Saturday, November 24, 2007

behind the pink.

Today Tam finally gives us her thoughts on pink guns, after finding them in Cosmo. Cosmo?

Pink guns amuse me.

I equate pink guns with The Vagina Monologues, odd as that may sound. They are symbols of that silly sort of feminism that insists that women claim things as their own, stand on the mountaintop and proclaim, "My vagina belongs to me! My body!", and "My gun! Girl gun! Pink! Hear me roar!"

What they don't realize is that these things were already theirs to begin with...

But... if a woman has been waiting for a "pretty" gun to become available before she was willing to shoot, then I'm all for it. Bedazzle the thing, trim it in lace for all I care, and let's go make some noise!


Ankhorite said...

I am a hard-core activist feminist, and I have NEVER heard any one of us, in any forum, anywhere, EVER equate painting guns pink with feminism.

It's a goofy ironic marketing tool by the gun industry, and it's amusing as such. It's not amusing to attribute it to feminists in any way, shape, or form. Feminism is not now, never was, and never will be, about painting things pink.

Even CodePink isn't about being pink. It's about peace — which may render them "pinko" in to some, but that's a different kind of pink altogether.

I have, however, fairly often heard feminists endorse being able to defend yourself in all circumstances, and that includes self-defense training anywhere from a dojo to a firing range.

Speaking of pink: it used to be the color of clothing for infant boys, not girls as now, because it was considered too "stimulating" for infant girls. Mid-1800s, iirc.

Anonymous said...

The "pink gun" was more in response to the concept of the "Evil Black Rifle". Basically, the firearm's appearance determines if it is "evil". However, a pink firearm would shatter this illusion in the minds of gun control activists (well, maybe).

trad. said...

By gully, I think anon's on to something there.

ankh, that big bad gun industry? You're talking to it.