Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mike for life!

I don't know who I'm voting for in the next presidential election. (besides, I'm beginning to suspect I'm more of a libertarian anyway, so that confuses matters even more.) I don't know much about the candidates except that every time I read a Fred Thompson quote I hear it in my head in his own voice, which might actually get him some votes if other people have the same experience. Brand recognition and all that. Giuliani seems like a weaselly character and I couldn't vote for Mitt Romney. I trust no man with high maintenance hair. World War III could be breaking out and he'd be in the bathroom, blowdrying. Mike Huckabee and his wife seem pretty cool...him with his concealed carry and her with her grenade launcher. But what I'm really hoping for?

An "I Like Mike" t-shirt.

For no political reasons whatsoever.


mike w. said...

"I'm beginning to suspect I'm more of a libertarian anyway, so that confuses matters even more."

I'm basically a libertarian, though I'm registered as a Republican. It really sucks because the frontrunners on both sides don't support individual rights, liberty, or small government. It seems our choices in this 2 party system are always a "lesser of two evils."

Romney & Guiliani make me want to vomit.

Weer'd Beard said...

Duncan Hunter and I hold the most views in common (at least the ones I hold to the highest importants) But Thompson seems to be a close second, and because of his national standing, plus his Hollywood Noteriety, he'll likely get my Primary vote.

Romney, Guiliani, and Paul are all lousy choices for president IMHO, but in the general election I'll be hard pressed to case a vote in any form that will Help Hillary Clinton.

I've seen enugh nations founder under the flaws of Socialism, I'd rather not be in one, thanks.

Oh we were at the Belmont Library last night, I we pleased to see it didn't have ANY hobos, or unine smell!!


straightarrow said...

Thompson, Huckabee, Hunter.

red said...

Get your "I like Mike" shirt here:


Breda said...

thank you Red!!! =D