Monday, November 5, 2007

pop quiz?

Tonight we might go to the range to see what it will take for me to take the CCW course. I need to buy my gun, practice with it a lot, pay for the class...okay, I'm clear on all that but I'm nervous (and stressing) about the actual shooting portion of the class.

I don't know if it's post-gifted student syndrome or what, but I'm constantly thinking, "How do they grade you? Is there a written test too? How do I study for this? What if I fail?"


mike w. said...

I've seen your targets and I'm sure you'll be fine. What are you planning to carry?

Breda said...

compact 9mm (I think)

ibex said...

From what I've heard, if you can hit the broad side of a barn at point blank range, you're good.

Rustmeister said...

Just be careful. No safety violations!

Finger off the trigger, muzzle pointed in a safe direction, etc.

You'll do fine.

Sevesteen said...

The live fire portion of Ohio's CCW training is gun handling rather than marksmanship. Pass/fail criteria are up to the instructor. Most that I know of will work with you until you pass, rather than fail anyone who doesn't have an attitude problem.

Yes, there is a written test. If you fail, you can study and take it again.

You may not need to buy the gun first--Some instructors supply gun and ammo, and some prefer that you don't "practice your bad habits" before class.

Lydia said...

can you be any more neurotic? you'll be fine

Breda said...

Lydia, my dear friend, I can always count on you for support. =P

Arcticelf said...

What they said:)

I'm a Mass instructor, so this may not apply.

Attitude and interest in learning are more important then marksman ship. If you have the first two marksmanship will follow.

Safe gun handling is key. As an guy at the range I shoot back, as an instructor I don't want my name associated with your ND. Of course that mostly factors into who I accept as students.

Given your targets and attitude I think you'll do fine.

Also: if you bring your own gun know how to strip it and clean it.

What kind of 9mm are you looking at?


The Duck said...

The Ohio CCW is really pretty hard to fail.

You can shoot anything you want, although some Instructors have requirements the law does not.

We provide 22 target pistols for those that don't have their own guns yet.

Ours are normally done in one day, it does make for a long day

All you gotta do is believe you can & you will