Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I always bring the Ocean Spray cranberry jelly for Thanksgiving dinner. I like to plop it right out of the can (standing on its end, ridges still visible) and set it, all jiggly-wiggly in its beautiful shining red translucence, right next to where my brother's maniacally fussy mother-in-law will sit. I smile pleasantly across the table at her, sipping my (~4th) glass of wine, barely able to contain my amusement as she attempts to contain her displeasure.

This year, I am also adding pig candy to my culinary repertoire. Just for the name, of course.

Ah, the holidays.


Lin said...

My mom used to make this thing called tomatoe aspic at Thanksgiving. It was basically tomato jello with olives and such in it. Hating tomatoes to begin with. . I made sure I was sitting as far away from it as possible.

falnfenix said...

i prefer the ocean spray stuff over the annoyingly non-gelatinized crap i see at most tables. GIMME THE JIGGLY!

comatus said...

Aspic? Good eatin ifn you fix it right.

Tomato aspic is a sort of peasant make-do for the real thing, a luminous clear gelatine made from the parts of animals you couldn't otherwise eat. Funny how calling that "Jell-O" makes it palatable.

They tell me it's luscious with larks' tongues. The Ohio version, "head cheese" (ewgawd) features even more unappealing bits of giblet on display. Commonly, I got into the habit of turning my nose up while actually living in the presence of my ancestors, and, out of misplaced respect, will probably someday get back to it.

Breda, there's a newish hybrid low-bush cranberry you can set as a backstop in the garden! You have to keep the &*%$ birds off, so I've had limited harvest, but it's a lovely plant and does make real berries. It's really hard to get them into that ribby can, though.