Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday funny!

Libraries are all about progress and learning. The earliest libraries had shelves of papyrus scrolls and now they have things like the internet and e-books. We've come such a long way.


Robb Allen said...

Have you ever encountered...umm... that situation?

Breda said...

why, yes, Robb - and not that very long ago.

here's the link:

Breda said...

(you'll have to cut & paste twice to get the whole thing)

The video is worth it =)

phlegmfatale said...

That's progress fer ya!

Alcibiades McZombie said...

Makes you want to retest the constitutionality of those internet filters.

I suppose you could disable all picture and video file downloads and displays.

Or you could just record all of a user's activity. See if that scares them.

Ride Fast said...

OMG! In a library???????????

Boom. Boom. Boom. Stop or I'll shoot.

(drats, backwards again!)

Plausibly Deniable said...

Not in OH, Ride. They got'm laws about carryin' the means to chastise wankers inta libarries.*

On the other hand, I'm not really seeing anything in the relevant statutes that could possibly be construed to refer to the entirely accidental precipitation of an Unabridged from a great height onto the person of such violators of the public weal (not to mention the public keyboards). It's not any sort of weapon at all, it's an innocently useful book, as benign an object as one could imagine.

Um, right? ::blink, blink::

* My apologies to every English teacher my whole life.

Breda said...

Ride - ask any librarian, in any public library. It's not unusual.

DirtCrashr said...

They can't do that if it's been removed by machete...

Jeffrey Quick said...

What, Carl Monday didn't put an end to that?

The Case library had an incidence of, er "collaborative study on that subject" in the 3rd floor reading room. Is that worse?

Roberta X said...

Swelp me, dirtcrashr, the person who removes an Unabridged from the library by a machete will have to answer to me!

Or did I misunderstand again?

"Collaborative study," OMG, suddenly I'm startin' to see why Ceasar did what he did at Alexandria.

---He didn't have an outdated Brittanica and a half-dozen volunteer book-flingers, though. Not that I'm, like, implying. But turnin' a fire hose on them might damage books. Oh! Hey! Fire-extinguishers at close range?

Or one could simply trip the fire alarm. The friction, you know, it's possibly dangerous.