Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday funny!

I don't care what Yogurt says, I'm not going to buy organic produce until it's a little prettier than the spotted, squidgey, weeks old tomato that I just found in my crisper bin (aka "the vegetable graveyard") and tossed in the trash. I want my apples to be big and red and shiny, dammit.

This video made me chuckle anyway...


Weer'd Beard said...

Yuck, a little too much pointy-headed propiganda for my likes.

My personal opinon is Farmers are always devising better, safer, and more productive methods of farming. If anything they were doing was THAT bad for us there would be conclusive data.

Also, since "Organic" is now a marketing term, a lot of "Organic" food, isn't.

Fuck 'em, I'll be buying the cheap, good-tasting stuff!

chris horton said...


Anonymous said...

All food is organic. Otherwise, you'd be eating sheet metal.

Jimro said...

Take it from a biochem guy, there are no advantages to anyone by buying "organic" produce.

It costs more to you, but doesn't pay more money to farm workers.

A lot of hippies like to say that "organic food is healthier and more nutritious" but that is a load of manure.

Organic produce is much like forced recycling, a waste of resources.