Sunday, December 2, 2007

ho ho ho.

There are so many things about this news article that are making me laugh.

First..."pied." I initially had trouble figuring out if that was an actual word. I thought it was either pied, French for foot, or a misspelling of "peed." Neither of which made sense.

Secondly, Clint Westwood... Santa's not feeling so jolly. Feelin' lucky, punk?


DirtCrashr said...

Damn man, any opportunity to slam a drama major to the ground is one that should not be wasted!! Asking him to sign a release after the fact ("but the police got there first"), that's just typical drama-student Big-Stupid -- you don't want to give an angry Santa a pencil or anything sharp.

Anonymous said...

In the news story, looks like another
instance of turning nouns into verbs
(as in "he was shotgunned to death."
But it's also an old printer's term
for type that's all mixed, up, or
A printer friend signed his column
"The Pied Typer."

Jeffrey Quick said...

"Pied" is a real adjective but "to pie" is not a real verb.