Friday, December 28, 2007

the real funny!

Okay, so maybe the last thing didn't make you laugh.

This will make up for it. I promise.

(plus...bacon! & spongemonkeys!)


ankhorite said...

No, actually, this was super-gross.

ANYWAY...I found this on a book review site and gosh, I didn't know you were this popular; a siege? Really? Woohoo for you!

Perez-Reverte, Arturo
The Sun Over Breda (December 2006)
Prez-Reverte continues his chronicle of a swordsman-for-hire, as Captain Alatriste takes up his blade and rejoins his elite Cartagena regiment as they take part in the battles and siege of Breda.

Breda said...

the siege of Breda...oh, yeah, they're fighting over me all the time.

(you no likey the spongemonkeys??)

falnfenix said...

everything but the pukey-faced baby was highly amusing. i normally like, but i dislike you get a half mark for t3hfunny. ;)

Breda said...

disliking babies?

now THAT is funny! =)

Christina LMT said...

Spongemonkeys? Sign me up!

Even though they're rather creepy.

I would need a whole flying hog to carry me around, a slice of hover bacon wouldn't cut it.

falnfenix said...

yes...babies aren't my thing. i prefer furbabies over the human variety. :)

Ride Fast said...

Arrrg, my eyes, my eyes!