Thursday, January 24, 2008

doctor's orders.

Dr. Breda, that is.

I have a prescription for those suffering with sinusitis. (you who live near the Great Lakes know what I'm talking about...every time the weather changes, it feels as if someone has poured throbbing semi-solid lead in the hollow spaces of your cranium, right?)

Grab a prepared package of fresh sushi from your grocery store. Go home, boil some water, make a cup of cinnamon tea. (buy that at the store too if you don't have the world's largest collection of tea, like I do) While tea is steeping, eat the sushi. Make sure to dissolve ALL of the wasabi in the soy sauce so that it looks cloudy & opaque. Thoroughly saturate the sushi in this mixture, top it with a piece of pickled ginger, put it in your mouth and chew slowly. At this point, your eyes might water and you might feel as if your nasal cavities have been set on fire and the back of your head is going to blow off. Do not be alarmed as this is the desired effect.

Drink the tea you have made - by this time, it should be pretty spicy. It's also not a bad idea to take 2 ibuprofen if your sinuses are so sore that it feels as if your eyeball might explode.

Keep the Kleenex handy & please...don't call me in the morning, I tend to be cranky before I'm sufficiently caffeinated.


Memphis Steve said...

I suck hot salt water through my nose, like a coke addict, and then spew it out my mouth. A couple of shots of this and my sinuses are too afraid to bother me for weeks.

Lydia said...

if I ate that, more than my sinuses would be on fire.

Who is..... Carteach0? said...

That is a recipe for draining SWAMPS, not sinuses!

Holy cow.... how much wasabi we talking here?

Breda said...

Art - more than a Hershey's Kiss, less than a marshmallow. In other words, a lot. Too much. But it works!

BobG said...

I prefer samplings from my chile collection.
I also raise horseradish; if you've ever ground fresh horseradish, it is not unlike being dosed with MACE.

Less said...

HAHAHAA... (sorry, just saw the picture for Memphis Steve!)

Anyway... I posted about kimchi soup! That did the trick for me just a bit ago!

I once had a buddy who snorted wasabi on a dare while we were very drunk at a Japanese place... (Those cans of Sapporo are HUGE!)

Not pretty. Shudder...

I think I need a shot to toast that poor bastard!

Owen said...

BAH!!! the pickled ginger is to cleanse the palate, not to put on the sushi!!


Breda said...

owen, I know. I usually eat the ginger separately but something about having it all together does the trick.

Timmeeee said...

"prepared sushi" ???!!!

How declasse!