Sunday, January 13, 2008

range report

In homage to Tam's series of Sunday Smiths, I thought I'd include the gun I was shooting today, a Smith & Wesson model 642, double action only, airweight, with a laser sight - the reduced silhouette target was out about 7 yards.

(getting better!)


Lin M. said...

Very nice! I don't know if you and your husband are race car fans (I'm not. . if they won't let me drive them. . what's the point), but if you are. . you are welcome to stay here during races. I live 25 minutes from the track in Indy and have three extra bedrooms.

Jay G said...

He's dead, Jim...

(Seriously, nice shootin'! I had INTENDED to get to the range this weekend, but life intruded - had to get the Xmas decorations down before Groundhog Day...)

Tam said...

You know, from 7 yards shooting double action with an Airweight J-frame, that's not shabby at all.

I know I wouldn't be embarrassed to take that target home.

Weer'd Beard said...

I ALMOST bought one of thems on Saturday. I don't have the $$$ in the bank, and frankly Mrs. Weer'd is the wheel-gun fan in this house, and she's sleghted to get her carry permit first. I suggest a "Joint Account Gun" much like our "Matched Pair" shotguns (Matched to each of us, her's a Beretta Urika, mine a Mossberg 590 Riot gun with bayonet lug)

Still one of those light little bastards will be in my vault (or pocket) one of these days.

I'm planning on getting one of THESE:
To fill MY personal "Airweight" needs. Its rated for +P .45...I have no idea if that would even be managable.


Breda said...

lin - nope, no races. No sports at all, actually .

jayg - Dead is what I'm going for so...yay!

tam - if you say it, it must be so =)

weer'd - get one!

kaveman said...

Just had to share with ya'll.

Went to the gun show this weekend and picked up a Walther PPK. It will be my new carry piece.

Who is..... Carteach0? said...

That is perfectly fine!
Should give you confidence that you can hit what you need to, when you need to. That is good.

Not a target pistol.... it's a defense pistol.... and that is fine defensive accuracy.

Good Breda, very good.

BobG said...

Nicely done, especially for shooting a snubbie double action.

Who is..... Carteach0? said...

Hmm..... I think that would be a fine dry fire practice pistol.
Load with snap caps, place the dot on a spot on the wall... and practice actuating the trigger without the dot dancing.

Sure wish they made the Crimson Trace for my M+P9c