Friday, February 22, 2008

Dear Tam,

This evening, after spending 8 glorious hours surrounded by books, I met Mike at the brewery. I had an absolutely divine pint of a freshly-tapped black IPA.

And, um...just in case that whole roommate thing doesn't work out, we have a spare room - although you'll probably have to bunk with the turtle.

love, Breda

p.s. and as an additional incentive? - lake effect snow!


Matt G said...

Black IPA?

I didn't see it. Is it seasonal? I saw the Imperial Stout, though.

Breda said...

Earache My IPA - all the way at the bottom. =)

Weer'd Beard said...

I'll have you know that your "turtle" is not a terapin at all but a tortoise!

just sayin' ; ]

Breda said...

yep, but she's commonly referred to as an "Eastern Box Turtle" ;)

Mike W. said...

Ick... I've never had an IPA that I liked. I'm not big on hops.

Tam said...

Mmmmm... IPA. :)

Matt G said...

She weren't tryin' to woo you, Mike. For that matter, she weren't tryin' to woo me, neither.

But she did, a little.

Mmmmm... IPA.

Mmmm... good beer.

Breda said...

Woo-woo! ;)