Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the others

Even though I mostly write about the two newest (pesky, nosy, troublesome) members of our household, we do have 4 other (sweet, well mannered, charming) cats. They deserve some blog space too so I'll be introducing them, starting with Oona. (MattG, just scroll past this, ok?)

(enlarge and admire!)

Despite her daintiness, Oona is the only cat of ours to have ever caught a mouse. Quiet and quick, she is also, as you can see, quite beautiful. If she were human she would be a supermodel who moonlighted as a ninja. Not that she would ever dream of lowering herself to that.

: heater vents, warm beds, sunspots, catnip, underwear drawers, dairy products

Dislikes: dirty litter boxes


Matt G said...

Not saying anything, her.

(Well if I don't have my tongue... who does?)

phlegmfatale said...

uh, you left off Oona's astrological sign and whether she comes here often.

My theory on Oona's mouse-catching exploits is that she she hyp-mo-tizes the mousies with her magic beauty spot.

Trivia: If she were my cat, her name would be Booger.

Breda said...

Phlegmmy - well...she was born in July so I guess she's a Cancer, and she's here all the time. When we found them abandoned, they were 3 weeks old and filthy. We washed them with a damp cloth and Mike kept trying to wipe off her beauty spot - he thought it was a booger! =)

Tam said...

"Trivia: If she were my cat, her name would be Booger."

I wasn't going to say it...

kaveman said...

Thought you might enjoy a funny Breda...sounds like you can relate to it.

Burnt Toast said...

Beautiful kitty. . .reminds me of my Boo Boo.