Friday, March 14, 2008

range rhinos

Between shoveling snow and dealing with family, this week has been both a physical and emotional struggle. Seriously needing to blow off some steam, I decided to go to the range yesterday. Shooting is really great for this. The meditative acts of loading, setting up targets, getting the proper grip and stance, lining up your sites followed by a big flashbang and really satisfying holes in paper? Instant calm. My brain relaxes and I can focus.

Aside from needing a little shooty therapy, I also need to get some practice in before I take the CCW course later this month. I've been worried that I'll pass the classroom portion of the class and then get to the range only to be told, "Nope. You didn't hit the target! Fail!" I would be crushed. Failing a test? Unthinkable! (yes, I still have honors student syndrome. I need help. Beer sometimes works.)

Anyway, I found a site that offers free PDF targets and printed myself some rhinos because they made me laugh and, heck, it's Northeast Ohio, you never know what might happen. I've seen rhinos in the snow... anything is possible.

So what do you think? Am I ready?

p.s. I would never shoot the rhinos at the zoo. I love them so much. Look at that little guy frisking in the snow!


phlegmfatale said...

You are made of Ass-Kickery, and will pass the test with flying colors!
Thanks for that free target link - I'm printing myself out some toute-de-suite!

Earl said...

The written portion of the test is for the pencil pushers, the shooting portion of the test is for taking down the bad guys - to protect those you love. Seems to me you are smart enough to put all the effort you need into passing the important parts of the test, then go get that beer. You will have earned it.

kaveman said...

Congrats on deciding to get your CCW permit.

I wouldn't worry too much about passing the test, it looks like that paper rhino is having a bad day.

Try this, buy yourself a celebratory beer BEFORE you go take the test. This is good ju-ju.

Robb Allen said...

Excellent shooting. You'll do just fine.

Being a former Marine, I didn't need to take any courses or tests, but everyone else I know about literally had to shoot one time and that was it.

You hit the range regularly, you'll have no problems here. And if you're a little stressed while you do it, even better - you need stress at times to see how you'll react in a real SHTF situation.

TJH said...

That target is very politically incorrect. I'm fighting the urge to "accidentally" e-mail it to PETA and the Brady Bunch, detailing a range report of my new .90 caliber "automatic" rifle on a scale target. You know those new 90s, right? The ones that can shoot down the Starship Enterprise from orbit, fire 50 "bullets" from a "banana clip" before needing a reload, with an easily concealable short barrel and bull-pup design, made of plastic so they skip through airport x-rays machines, and with an 8 ounce trigger pull with no trigger guard so a lock can't be mounted.

Yeah, one of those.

So when you step up to the firing line and raise your weapon, do you say something like: "Do you feel endangered? Well? Do ya? Punk!"

At least you can have range time. Before the disarmers went on a rampage in the early 90s, it was actually possible to bring your handgun somewhere to shoot here in CT. After Disarmageddon, you had to present a CCW. Kind of like the disarmer's militia hypothesis: a well-trained militia that isn't allowed to own weapons or train.

I know you know the Four Rules. No reason at all to sweat the range test with your experience. You'll see, it'll be a flinch-o-rama for all your other, less experienced classmates; worry more about ducking ricochets.

The Duck said...

Well the range part in Ohio is up to the Instructor,
We do ours at 21 feet on 9 inch paper plates, we have several practice drills, then to pass we put up 5 plates, & you shoot each plate & repeat 6 times out of 30 shots you have to have 21 hits.
We had our course of fire approved by our Sheriff.
There is one Instructor, I know does 15 shots at 15ft from the supported benchrest, hit the plate 10 times you pass.
So you should do fine, if you read HB12 all you really are required is 2 hours or rangetime & livefire, no qualification required, other than you show safety all the time.
You'll do fine.

Mike W. said...

Congrats on almost having your CCW! The range qualification in most states is just to appease politicians and is a formailty for most people. (although I have heard stories of people who didn't pass, usually for numerous safety violations)

Anyone who's put in regular range time should have no problem.

Besides, here in DE I'm pretty sure they use silhoutte targets for qualifications and you shoot @ 3, 5, and 7 yards. I've seen your silhoutte targets. You'll do fine, even if you're having an off day.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Wrist Breaker! According to my handy dandy target analasys, you are reacting to the coming recoil and cocking the wrist down, or wrist-breaking.

But what do I know? I'm more n00b than you, and my main flaw is trigger jerking (getting low and to one side. Right side if left handed. I WISH I was just wrist breaking. It seems easier to fix.) BUT, I get THAT same Rhino target pattern you go when I use expensive hollow point and I get NO trigger jerking indication, so... again, what do I know?

You definitely got "Minute of Bad Guy" accuracy and are gonna be just fine at the test.

And, did I mention, you shoot better than me? So I don't wanna get you too mad at me, at any rate.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Hey, how big is that target?

8.5x11 paper?

Yeah, you're doing fine.

heartofawarrior said...

I <3 the link you posted to all those interesting targets :-) I'm saving some and hopefully I get to make use of 'em over spring break.

I'm sure you'll kick ass and take names on that test ;-) You can doo eet!

Lorimor said...

I see no reason to worry.

Christina LMT said...

I'll add my assurances to all the KNOW you'll do fine!

I loved the rhinos in the snow...the baby was teh cute!

alcibiades mczombie said...

Rhinos are so entertaining.

Mike W. said...

BTW, what gun are you shooting? Still the S&W snubby or did you buy yourself a 9mm?

Breda said...

Thanks everyone!

And Mike W - I'm still shooting the .38 snubby. I refused to let it get the best of me.

Mike W. said...

Well that makes your shooting even more impressive!

I have a feeling my shooting would be absolutely terrible with a .38 snub nose

KurtP said...

She was aiming at it's heart.
That's the only way (besides voting) to stop a raging RINO- I mean Rhino.