Thursday, April 10, 2008

In the Twilight Zone

"Willoughby? Maybe it's wishful thinking nestled in a hidden part of a man's mind, or maybe it's the last stop in the vast design of things, or perhaps, for a man like Mr. Gart Williams, who climbed on a world that went by too fast, it's a place around the bend where he could jump off. Willoughby? Whatever it is, it comes with sunlight and serenity, and is a part of the Twilight Zone."
Rod Serling once lived in Canton, Ohio and when he traveled to New York City, his train would pass right through our little hometown. The quaint town square he saw from his window inspired him to write the Twilight Zone episode, "A Stop at Willoughby." (follow this link to watch the entire show!)

The train stop is gone now and the rail-car repair depot has been transformed into our favorite brewery but so much else has remained the same. Living here, I can really understand why Serling thought of Willoughby when he wanted to portray a lovely idyllic setting. You can stand on a street corner and so easily imagine all those who were here before you. And like the conductor said, it truly is a place "where a man can slow down to walk and live his life full measure..."


Lorimor said...

I'm fairly convinced that some parts of Cleveland are the Twilight Zone.

I mean, rivers catch fire there, don't they? :)

Anonymous said...

With your Christmas photos of the canon behind the creche and this story, I will have to visit Willoughby someday.

Breda said...

lorimor - not anymore!

anon - let me know, we'll meet you at the brewery!

Anonymous said...

I will be sure to arrange to meet you. However, I will bring my own guns if we go to a range. I have a really nice S&W model 41 22 cal. that generally shoots in the black easily.

Anonymous said...

My favourite episode, I always imagined it in upstate NY. I guess I have another reason to detour through Canton now.

Assrot said...

I have been a huge fan of "The Twilight Zone" ever since it aired way back in 1958. I'd bet I have watched everyone of the series at least a hundred times. The only thing I like better that a Twilight Zone Marathon is a Star Trek Marathon of the original series.

I close the bedroom door and spend the weekend watching TV whenever either of these Marathons come on.

"A Stop at Willoughby" has always been my favorite. When my time comes to leave this Earth, I hope that I get to go to Willoughby.