Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Go listen to Caleb correctly pronounce "Breda" in his new Women and Guns podcast on Call Me Ahab.

Seriously though, when Caleb sent me an email asking for my answers to his questionnaire I was flattered...and nervous - I'm new at shooting! I don't know anything! What could I possibly offer? I spent a long time mulling over the questions and hoping that my answers didn't sound too stupid.

I needn't have worried. Caleb, of course, did a brilliant job on the podcast. (he was even able to make me sound a little bit knowledgeable, too. The man's a genius.)

And being put in the same group with women as extraordinary as Rachel Lucas and Bitter from The Bitch Girls? What an enormous honor. It seriously might be one of the highlights of my entire life so far.

Thank you, Caleb!


UPDATE: I thought my readers might like to see Caleb's original questionnaire and my complete answers. View it here!


Lorimor said...

"I also believe that feminism must also exist within the constraints of reality."

Great statement!! You are such an eloquent spokesperson for the cause!

Keep it up!

Earl said...

I didn't know you thought of yourself as disabled, I must have been watching your mind. That was a pretty good podcast I notice you keep coming back to information, thinking and such == I am laughing because you are so-o-o much The Library Lady; go on gently, you are a wonder, many thanks.

Breda said...

lorimor - thank you!

earl - likewise, my friend.

Mike W. said...

Hope you don't mind me asking this.

When you describe yourself as "disabled" do you mean that in the context of being disadvantaged in a self-defense situation?

I ask because from my point of view I don't consider myself "disabled" in a general sense, but from a self-defense standpoint I do acknowledge that my CP puts me at a disadvantage should I ever be attacked, if that makes any sense.

BTW - Love your user image Lorimor.

Breda said...

mike w - I don't consider myself disabled in normal situations, no.