Friday, April 11, 2008


- I am up to 82 on my Technorati thingie. I am excited about that even though I have no bloody idea what it all means! Wheee!!

- There are items at the library that always go missing. (aka "get stolen") Like rap CDs, horror movies, books on Wicca, and strangely enough, the classifieds from the newspaper. Really, they might as well order a bunch, stand at the door and hand them out to passersby. Or flush them down the toilet - because that's where taxpayer money is going.

- I've never gotten unsolicited advice from a guy at the range. (perhaps it has something to do with the tall hunk of man that usually accompanies me) But if it ever happens I'll just smile, point downrange at my target and say, "Now you show me yours."

- I just put gas in my car. I got a little over 3 gallons for 10 bucks. The next time I hear some hippie spouting that "No blood for oil" crap I might just kick them in the shin.

- I ate hot sauce for breakfast at 6:45 this morning. On eggs. I hate eggs. But Tabasco Chipotle sauce is that good. I've resorted to eating things as an excuse just to have it as a condiment.

- Our CCW class is in NINE DAYS! And, um, our wedding anniversary is in six days. Right. Note to self: buy ammo and maybe a new push-up bra.

- The diet is officially over. You know what that means? Bacon.

In London (ha, ha. Brits.) someone is charging $100 for one cup of cat poop coffee. This is even worse than that tea picked by little filthy monkey paws.

- Because of all the reader advice, I rented a Bersa Thunder .380 the other day and LOVED it. It is a sweet little pistol - my first shot went directly in the X. Nothing like a bullseye to win a girl over. It's not quite the M1911 style I was going for but I think I'm going to buy one. Maybe I can get some fun grips for it.

- There are big fat buds on the magnolia tree, just ready to bloom. There is a 50% chance of snow showers this weekend. If this is the 2nd year in a row that the buds freeze and fall off the tree, I will hunt down Algore because we're going to need to have a serious talk.

- And you know, for all the times I've worn my (empty) holster to work, not one single person has noticed. Hmmph.

Have a good's some kitten toes!


Tam said...

"- Because of all the reader advice, I rented a Bersa Thunder .380 the other day and LOVED it. ... I think I'm going to buy one. Maybe I can get some fun grips for it.

Good little guns; I'd let my mom buy one. They work. They almost never came in for work and folks who bought 'em liked 'em. (I've sold a hojillion Thunder 380s.)

One downside to the more "off-brand" guns like the Bersa is that custom touches like aftermarket grips aren't really available. On the upside, it'll fit most holsters marked for the Walther PPK or SIG P-230/232. Get a nice leather holster for it. :)

Mike W. said...

how does Tabasco Chipotle compare to the regular stuff? I love tabasco and put either that or Frank's Red Hot on everything. (it's even good on sausage)

Breda said...

tam - nice holster it is, then. I'm buying my own gun! WooT!

mike w - it's smoked. Mmmmmmm....

Lorimor said...

You catch on quick. Pushup bras are absolutely essential for a CCW class.


vinnie said...

A good makarov is better than a Bersa. About the same size, but lss expensive. Better after market grips available too.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...


alcibiades mczombie said...

Maybe they thought it was a cell-phone holster...

tyskkvinna said...

Hi Breda,

I just started reading your blog this past week. I find it very fascinating :)

Have you tried the hot sauce on hashbrowns? I think that combination is fantastic and will often make a small serving of hashbrowns as a snack just for that. :)

Good luck on your CCW class. I'm going for the 2nd half of my class sometime in the next month. (We're having some trouble scheduling around the unpredictable weather)

Mike W. said...

Oh yeah. About the Bersa. Bersa & Firestorm are the same company, and I believe the Firestorm comes with rubber finger groove grips rather than plastic. The rubber grips on my .22 Firestorm are nice considering its a ~$240 gun.

Also, mags for the Bersa/Firestorm .380 are expensive (~$40) It is a good little gun for the price though.

doubletrouble said...

Have you checked out the Beretta line Breda? The model 86, for example, is similarly styled, hold 8 vs. 7 rounds of .380, has a tip up barrel for ease of loading w/out racking the slide, & weights about 2.5 oz. less than the Bersa. I believe it is DAO, which can be a good thing for a defensive pistol.
It is also, IMHO, a better quality gun, but not crazy expensive. No, I don’t have that model, not do I sell them, but I do have other Berettas that function flawlessly.
AND, I think “Breda’s Beretta” sounds better than “Breda’s Bersa”.
Good luck!

Breda said...

lorimor - funny, my husband saw this and said, "You need a new bra for CCW class?"

tyskkvinna - I've been perusing your photography. You are enormously talented - beautiful work. (and I'm now trying to justify chipotle sauce on ice cream)

doubletrouble - I've shot a Beretta 9mm before and liked it.

falnfenix said...

hey Mike...Bersa is the company, Firestorm is the gun. ;) keep in mind, i own a Bersa Firestorm .380 (blue with brushed accents, rubber grip, etc).

Breda - i'm glad you liked that gun. seriously...i had the same reaction you did. i haven't yet had a misfire, and the range gun i rented didn't misfire in the couple of months i rented it. there's not a lot of stuff to pretty it up, though...but for a carry weapon, it's ideal.

Earl said...

I looked up the Bersa because of Tam's comments, found they have a.45 and now I am happier with knowledge I personally don't dare use. I wanted to know where the second, third and so on shots went, but will pretend they just enlarged the hole and your love of the pistol. In Washington if we carry concealed no one is supposed to see any part of our weapon or holster, but with the amount of stuff hanging on some people now days it was likely thought an empty cellphone holster.

the pawnbroker said...

hold up there, girl, and read this again, especially the part at the end about holding several better guns and getting a cost plus $50 price on a special order (most overnight)...

tam would let her mom buy a bersa and that says something, but she wouldn't buy one herself, neither would i, and neither should you...for mom's drawer or glove box and an occasional target session it's great, but a vibrant young new shooter that wants to go to the range, keep her eye in, have fun, with an eye to sex appeal too?'ll be trading it in no time, spending more in the long run...

there is a difference in the poor man's walther (bersa) and the real thing, for something this important spending twice the price is worth considering...for one thing at cost plus you will probably spend 4 hundred instead of 5; in quality, features, safety, namebrand resale value and more choice in do get what you pay for.

but if you do choose the bersa, and like tam i sold hundreds to many happy campers, for some reason the company always ran the two tone model with gold accents at about thirty bucks less than the same thing in blue or brushed...i found it ugly but then i'm ugly so what the hell do i know? jtc

the pawnbroker said...

try to buy in time to use your new gun for the class, allowing time for whatever waiting period your state fla the three day wait began with completing the 4473 even if you're special-ordering the gun your're buying...jtc

David said...

Yay on the Bersa!

FWIW, I've had folks tell me that my Bersa is more accurate than their Walther.

Mike W., where on earth did you see mags for $40? I got a batch of the seven-rounders for about $15 apiece off of gunbroker after I bought my Bersa last year.

Tam said...


FWIW, I'd climb over a pile of the current production "S&W Houlton, ME" manufactured PPK's to get at a Bersa. The PPK is prettier, but the Bersa works.

Out of five S&W PPK's we sold in '05/'06, all of them went back to S&W for a broken trigger bar, ejector, or both. I stopped carrying the things except as a special order item for people that refused to have sense talked into their heads. The trigger bar and ejector on the PPK were not designed to be made of MIM.

(Oh, and I said I'd let my mom buy one. That applies to lots of fine pistols that aren't 1911's or S&W revolvers. My way of saying that I have my tastes and others may differ.:) )

Lin M. said...

You're going to enjoy the Ohio CCW class, I certainly did, even though I'd been shooting a while.

And I think, if not calling for new undies,a CCW class calls for a new push up holster, or holster of some sort.

the pawnbroker said...

your're right, tam...a lot of what was good has been made less so, a lot of it s&w's doings...and i do have to be careful that my lock on the market is now five years old.

you would think that with some of the best engineering and examples of a product having 100th birthdays that five years would not have debilatating effects, but apparently it did for the ppk and that is why a nice old one now costs as much as new...there's that resale factor coming into play.

but that is not the case with all of the available guns that are in the next tier of quality and cost from the "hyundai" that is bersa, and that would serve breda better.

that is why i suggested she visit a good dealer who is more current to let her try several on for size...(if you haven't read squeaky wheel's bicycle story, do...those guys are in good gun stores, too...great writing, sw).

based on breda's interest, excitement and pride in her shooting and her commitment to self-protection, if she buys that bersa there is simply no doubt that she will at least want to graduate to something better, i saw it a hundred times...

and there is a lot out there that is better, giving her more pleasure, sense of accomplishment, better security, and saving her money in the long run.

i thought when you said you'd let your mom buy a bersa that meant more than that you're not a gun snob, but snobbery can run both's definitely not the best choice for most older ladies (or men) for several reasons of function and scenario.

and for breda, if she takes the same time to research and compare as she might in considering a hyundai, a toyota, or a bimmer she'll probably go with a toyota, and for all the same reasons, plus a few more important ones.

and if you were still behind the counter, feeling out breda's needs, interests, and tastes, you would know not to sell her one of the new flawed examples of that iconic walther (how sad), but i'd bet good money that she wouldn't walk out of there with a bersa, either...jtc

DoubleTapper said...

Why not get a Glock 26? Mrs. DoubleTapper loves hers.

DoubleTapper, blogging on Guns Politics Defense from Israel

phlegmfatale said...

I lurves me some chipotle. Yum.

That gun sounds sweet!

CGHill said...

You've probably already figured this out, but the 82 on your Technorati thingie means that you have received links from 82 other blogs, according to Technorati's accounting, in the last six months. In their search parlance, you have an "authority" of 82.

I'm about to push it up by one.

Duane said...

If its bacon ya wants

for a change.

Jeffrey Quick said...

"funny, my husband saw this and said, "You need a new bra for CCW class?""

Well, of course. You don't need a new bra for your anniversary; he's just going to take it off anyway ;-)

Most Wiccans I know (and I was one for 25 years, so I've known a few) claim that the Wicca books are stolen by fundamentalist Christians who are trying to clean up the library. I'm not so sure about that... I suspect pimply teenage wannabes, or cheesesuckers in their 20s (Go ahead, do that prosperity spell...but GET A JOB!)

Rachel said...

Just found your blog today and I'll be sticking around, I'm sure. :)

I have that Bersa Thunder 380 (actually the Firestorm-labeled version); my husband has an M1911. I prefer shooting his (I have big hands). But for carrying, I did finally decide that I wanted something a bit more subtle and also lighter. I just qualified for my Kalifornia CCW with it on Saturday. BTW, if you have any tips for carrying concealed under summer clothes, please pass them along. My husband is not of much help in this particular area :) and I don't want to carry it in my purse.