Tuesday, May 20, 2008

quick, pack your bags!

Have you made plans for your summer vacation yet? The state of Michigan would like to suggest the thrill of a real city - Detroit.

(perhaps the most ridiculous ad in the history of TV)

Not only does it have the country's highest violent-crime rate, second-highest unemployment rate, and more toxic-waste sites than just about any other metropolitan area but just this year, its mayor was charged with nine felonies. Fun for the whole family!


Clint said...

I lived in Detroit for a decade or so. My sister once came out to see me. I wanted to make her a t-shirt that said, "I'm so tough, I vacation in Detroit!"

It's the kind of town that makes one pretty street smart pretty quickly.

Michigan has since become a shall issue state, kind of. Their qualifications border on ridiculous in places: stuff like "embezzlement" or "malicious use of telephones." IMHO, non-violent misdemeanors should not disqualify one from exercising a right. My personal favorite disqualifier in the Michigan code is "operating a locomotive while under the influence of alcohol." That sounds like it was aimed at someone specific, doesn't it? Who would have thought of that?

Nonetheless, a fair number of self-defense accounts have come out of Michigan, including the City of Detroit, since the Concealed Carry laws were loosened and they even enacted Castle Doctrine this year.

Plus they have a reciprocity agreement with Virginia. That's what matters most to me these days.

Anonymous said...

Do keep in mind that Michigan /= Detroit. The rest of us here think of Detroit as a mystical place where you only go if you want to be carjacked.

Breda said...

Michigan seems lovely - I don't base my opinion of the entire state on one city just like I would hope people don't judge Ohio on the city of Cleveland.

Weer'd Beard said...

Yeah but Detroit has (or at least will have) Robocop!

How can you argue with Robocop???


kaveman said...

Random thought...

One of Detroit's anagrams is... irotted

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

My Mom came from Kalamazoo. "Came from" being the operative phrase. "Escaped from" also works. WAY too many relatives ended up floating face down in the Lake, victims of nefarious circumstances.

Jeffrey Quick said...

I'm a Michigander (escaped in '86). I'm going there tomorrow, and traveling through the horror show. One does not stop in Detroit unless under extreme duress.

Yes, it's a beautiful state, and could be made wonderful very simply, with 2 neutron bombs: one on Detroit, and 1 on the capital building. Bust the sources of infection, and the local pustules will dry up.