Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I don't have much to write about aside from buying a pistol and painting the THIRD COAT on my bathroom walls and the Democratic primary. I could write about my cats but because I am kind, I'll just force a cat photo on you instead.

(Tighe says, "Huh?")

Anyway, about the primary. I haven't written about it because between Obama's problem pastor, his crabby wife, his unrepentant domestic terrorist buddies, his tendency to let things like the arugula comment and the bitter remark slip and his refusal to talk about anything he deems "distracting" (like all of the aforementioned)...well, I'm not worried. Not at all. (remember John Kerry & the swiftboaters? Just wait.) Here's why:

  • Obama will get the nomination because at this point they can't not nominate him. If they don't, they'll lose the black vote, even though this isn't technically about race. No, not at all. Really. It's not. (but seriously...the left must be either off their nut or stupid or both. I mean, do they really think he can win?)
  • Hillary will do something. (it won't matter)
  • Obama will then have to speak to not only his looney tunes base but to all of us. (will he have time to memorize the new script?)
  • The rest of the country, unlike liberals, will be shown to be too smart to fall for empty "HopeChange" rhetoric. (you dare question the Obamamessiah?)
  • Obama will continuously"misspeak", saying he didn't mean to say what he said. (The media, of course, will happily let us all know what he really meant.)
  • The country will say,"Holy crap! I already pay how much in taxes and this silk suit socialist wants even more? For government programs?" (It's all about the money, folks.)
  • People will look at John McCain and decide, "Hey, he's not so bad after all." (and a war hero!)
  • John McCain will be the next president of the United States. (but sadly, he's not Fred Thompson.)
  • The country will forever have to hear how we are all "Raaaaaaaaaaacist!!" even though they say Obama's candidacy wasn't about race. (but so what? I get called a racist now - usually for things like asking patrons of color to pay for the ream of Myspace garbage they just printed at the library.)
  • Life will go on. (It always does.)


Lydia said...

are you feeding Tighe and Ronan steroids...those boys are HUGE!!!

Willorith said...

Good Madam:
I'm with you on the Obama malarkey. It has been a good show. Better than pay per view.
On cats, there is not a better pet than a fixed Tom cat in his middle years. He will enjoy your company, and talk to you when you get home, and sleep late with you on a rainy Saturday. My Tommy died a few weeks age and I buried him in the back yard under a full moon. I think it cured my warts.

Paul Simer said...

Your cat picture is almost a quarter of a megabyte. If you need help figuring out how to resize it down to the size you're displaying, you know where to find me.

Breda said...

Lydia - they still act like cuddly babies, though =)

willorith - I'm so sorry about your cat! (but good thing about your warts, eh?) I've got 3 boy cats and they are all sweethearts =)

paul - I found you here. Does it take too long for the photo to open when you click it?

aepilot_jim said...

I'm still voting for Fred. I don't care if I have to write his name in...

That'll screw up the hanging chad.

TJH said...

Sadly, there is virtually no difference between all of these candidates where it counts. The majority of what has been publicly discussed so far amounts to shallow judgements of character.

Is this candidate like me?

Does this candidate believe what I believe?

Do I approve of the company kept by the candidate?

That's all well and good, but let's be honest, none of the candidates are dangerous felons, so there's not a whole lot to announce to the public, (but the media is going to string it out until November anyway.)

Paul, Thompson and Tancredo were the only ones that attempted to attack the issues, and managed to state positions in the process. Unfortunately, none are currently the candidate for 2008.

All of the current candidates are alike in the following way: they are all very likely to become the rubber stamp of Congress. Think Bush, but with less stubbornness.

Assrot said...

Hmmmm. You are a very interesting person. Cats, guns and McCain. Three of my favorite things. A librarian to boot. If you'd just throw a dog in there you'd be the perfect woman.

Great post.


Weer'd Beard said...

"I get called a racist now - usually for things like asking patrons of color to pay for the ream of Myspace garbage they just printed at the library."

Breda, you typical white person!

Anonymous said...

even your cat carries? now THAT'S hardcore!

Breda said...

weer'd - I totally forgot about Obama throwing grandma under the bus! thanks for reminding me!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Let the paint cure! The stuff you see coming through underneath may just go away then. If it needs a coat on Monday, put on another coat.

Breda said...

tBolt - I'm not very good at being patient. Perfectionist tendencies don't help either.

doubletrouble said...

You put a THIRD coat on the Democratic primary???

Sorry, couldn't resist...

shortbus1836 said...

I would like to agree with you, but then I remember that the cigar boy suckered us out of a 2nd term even after the fecal debris began to hit the rotating oscillator. I am also reminded that the GOP also mostly seemed to stand for Old war hero that election as well(nothing against vets, I am one myself). Except that Dole actually is a republican where McMoron just blows in the wind of Al Gores global warming. I dont mean to be so cynical, but that was the first election that I was old enought to vote in and I didnt see any way that billy boy would get a 2nd term. It is just starting to seem like a really really really awful case of de ja vu. And even if McCain wins it aint much of a victory.

Mike W. said...

I hope you're right on the election, but I'm not optimistic. McCain has two major factors working against him.

1. Bush is extremely unpopular. The party affiliated with a sitting unpopular president tends to lose the next election. (think Carter)

2. The Economy. People believe the economy is in the dumps right now, and they tend to place the blame on the President (and by extension his party) This is despite the fact that the current downturn coincided with a Democratic Congress coming into power. The media certainly helps the "blame Bush / blame Republicans" BS.

And Breda, you're more than just a "typical white person," you're one of those awful small town, bitter gun owners Obamessiah is so worried about. Better hope he doesn't read your pie post, he might try to ban forks!

phlegmfatale said...

Well said. At an extended family gathering in March, someone did a time capsule naming every adult's prediction for the winner of the presidency. I was the only one to say McCain. Everyone was incredulous in that roomful of Republican/Libertarians. In as polite a way as possible, I explained that in the ensuing 8 months, I expected so much bad blood between Hils and Barry that they would effectively bugger them both. Rather delicious.
Wait. I'll fetch more popcorn. Anyone need a fresh beer?

I'm loving it. It's so tasty.

Matt G said...

"I get called a racist now - usually for things like asking patrons of color to pay for the ream of Myspace garbage they just printed at the library.)Life will go on. (It always does.)"

That's pretty good, but you've never heard real kneejerk racism calls until you've worked my last three jobs:
Cop in small rural agencies.
Night shift security supervisor for a large IT campus in downtown Dallas.

Me: Good morning, sir, I'm Officer G..."

Black Guy Crouched Between Two Parked Cars In Dark Parking Lot You wouldn't be harassing me, 'cept I'm black.

Me: Oh, not at all, sir. It just happens that I check out everyone who ducks down between two vehicles suspiciously when I approach...

Yeah, sure. "Suspicious," 'cause I'm black!

Chris H in Phx. said...

CNN is already calling the race for Obamamessiah. Not the primary, the general election! Happened to wake up about 3 am this morning, couldn't fall back asleep so I started channel surfing. Happened across Anderson Cooper 360 or whatever it's called, they had a nationwide map up on the screen, the entire middle section was red from Nevada all the way over to Virginia with I believe 2 pockets of blue. The entire east and west coast were blue and they were calling it Obamamessiah 317 to McCain 230something I think it was. Amazing. I think this is a case of if you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth.