Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday stuff.

I've been painting the first floor half bath this week. It's very exciting for me because it means that I am finally starting to get rid of all the wallpaper in our house. Our house was built in the 1930s and is one of those older homes that has a bit of character and is structurally sound. It has built in bookshelves, a porch off of one of the upstairs bedrooms, solid lath and plaster walls, a fireplace, gorgeous hardwood floors - but cosmetically? It needs a lot of help. I'm sure all that wallpaper was very attractive in 1983, when the previous owners put it up, but to be honest, repetitive patterns make me a little nutso. And every room in this house was (or still is) wallpapered. The previous owners must have had a serious aversion to paint. Stripes and flowers and butterflies and fruit baskets and oh my God, they even wallpapered the bathroom ceiling and the baseboards in the bedroom! Ack!

I'm going to paint all the trim white. It is currently a color called "Navajo White" which is what color white becomes when it's trapped in a house with a family of chain smokers. The country style of the '80s wasn't pretty, folks.

I complain about wallpaper but we will be re-papering the ceiling in the bathroom. I found some embossed paper that looks exactly like those old tin ceiling tiles. We considered the real thing but at $25 each tile, I think we'll go faux. I've always wanted a fancy little powder room!

While bored at work yesterday, I added a Amazon wishlist widget to my blog. I don't know if it will serve any purpose other than revealing my massive dorkitude (yes, I like artsy pop-up books and have questionable taste in music!) because family members who normally buy me gifts don't even know that this blog exists.

But, I got to use the word "widget", which (oddly) makes me happy.


Lydia said...

you can take queen and feist off your list...I got you the hook-up, lol

Anonymous said...

They wallpapered... the... baseboards...?

falnfenix said...

I found some embossed paper that looks exactly like those old tin ceiling tiles.

if you found it online, i'd like to know where. Chris's house is from the same era, and he just plain can't afford stamped tin (though i think if we end up tying the knot i might buy the stuff for "him" as a wedding present...).

Breda said...

Lydia - thank you!

tyskkvinna - with stripes and flowers! whee!!!

fenix - I found it at Lowe's!

falnfenix said...

Lowe's? wow. i'll have ot head over there on Friday when i'm doing nothing. thanks. :)