Thursday, May 15, 2008

spring sprung sprang

It's a sunny 51°F outside. Thank goodness for global warming, else I'd probably be shoveling snow off my driveway. Instead, I think I'll go weed my herb patch. I've been having a deep craving to get out and start gardening. Things are starting to happen!

(chive, parsley, lilac, house)
I've had this chive plant since the first year Mike and I were married. It lived on the balcony of our apartment. Never having enough sun or room to spread out, it was a sad little plant. It would struggle to provide me with a few limp leaves every year, drooping over pathetically in its pot. When we moved into our house it was one of the first things I planted. I gave it a sunny spot, lots of peat moss, manure and look! My chives are so happy now they have tripled in size and are already busy making plump little buds. Soon I'll have lots of purple blossoms. I'm thinking of using them to flavor vinegar for salads.

Another thing I was excited to discover is this:

(brand new!)
I will never have to buy dill again.


phlegmfatale said...

Isn't it nice when you can liberate a potted herb and let it go bananas like that? I had a particular rosemary plant I managed to keep alive in a pot for several years, and when I bought a house, it threatened to o'ertake the flowerbed. I let it. I figured it had earned the license. Big *envy mode* here on the fresh source of dill. I've never had the right soil here in Texas for the tap root to be happy on dill, apparently.

farmist said...

Be aware, it is called "dill weed" for a reason - it will take over the entire yard if you let it.

I does love me some dill!

Breda said...

I'm jealous of your rosemary, Phlegmmy. I'm growing it now but have to keep it in a pot - it doesn't survive the winters.

farmist - I probably wouldn't mind if my whole yard smelled like pickles and potato salad!