Sunday, June 29, 2008

if the shoe fits.

Because I wear a prosthesis on my left leg and have a somewhat goofed up right foot, my whole life I've hated shoe shopping. In fact, my mother used to refuse to go shoe shopping with me because I'd end up standing in the middle of the store in tears - frustrated and sad because I couldn't find anything pretty that I could wear. I've since given up trying to be fashionable. I opt for simple, comfortable and reasonably attractive - and live vicariously through my friends.

But today, while getting ready for a cousin's graduation party, I made a decision. I put on the shirt I wore to the Indy Blog Meet, khaki pants...and black and white sneakers. "Hmm. This could work, I guess. Kind of quirky. I can get away with quirky."

I asked Mike for his opinion. "How do I look?"

"You look hot, " he answered, without even looking at me. (He always says that.)

"No, look. My outfit. Is it okay?"

"Yes, your outfit is fine." He looked at me this time.

"What about the shoes?"

He considered a moment and said, "I like the shoes - they give you a cuteness."

So while I'll probably always hold out a small hope for that miracle pair of pretty shoes, I've decided to be happy with quirky and cute.


alcibiades said...

I had a pair just like that...

Willorith said...

Good Madam Breda:

I am quite certain that you are familiar with the story of Boudica, the Celtic Queen that almost drove the Romans out of Britain. I want to believe that we, as Celts, have an innate sense of justice, and a wild passion for freedom. Our decision to go armed was made for us thousands of years ago. It is a silly notion that took root in the last 50 years or so that a person should go about without their weapons. For the 200,000 years or so before that no person ever went voluntarily without their weapons.

Breda, you are the modern Boudica.

Brigid said...

I sounds adorable. . but you could wear a hefty bag and look glamorous.

I have short little feet, but they're wide so I go for comfort. I usually wear polished black shoes for work, and tennis shoes on the days off.

However when I shoot the AR I'll wear my one pair of high heeled kick ass boots I spent too much money on. I'm like six feet tall in them. I like that.

Mad Saint Jack said...

Chuck Taylors are Punk Rock!

WV: jofxrock

See, even the verification thinks you rock.

phlegmfatale said...

Honey - anything YOU wear would be cute by association. You're a stunner, even bare foot (singular though that term be!)

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Yes, Breda, what is wrong with wearing Chucks for ANY occasion? Weddings, even.

Less said...

I love CHUCKS!!!

The only thing cooler are the hyper expensive "Sailor Jerry" faux-tattoo'd ones (you know, cause I'm a skin-art fan...)

Anonymous said...

Yes! Chucks are great! And so are fake-chucks. It's just a style of show you can't go wrong with.

I've worn my hot pink Chucks with everything. In fact I've worn them so much that I can't wear them anymore and need a new pair.

Breda said...

willorith - I can only hope to live up your faith in me. Thank you.

and everyone else? I am wearing the sneakers to work today! Ha!

kaveman said...

Not sure I can help with regular shoes but I can give you a simple way to make a pair of moccasins that will fit perfectly.

1. Put on a thick pair of wool socks(both real and robo leg). Thicker is better.

2. Wrap the socks completely with duct tape.

3. Remove socks.

4. Figure out where you want the laces, front, back, or side.

5. Get scissors and cut sock open so it lays flat.

6. Use this as the pattern to cut out soft leather.

7. The extra diameter introduced by the thick sock will by taken away when you punch holes and stich in the laces.

8. Enjoy a pair of moccasins that fit perfectly.

Legman688 said...

Being 25% short in the limb department myself, I've always wondered how girl amputees could possibly wear heels when their ankles don't flex??

This would seem to answer my question with, "They don't."

'S alright, I never liked heels anyway :P

Captcha: "whoaz" Men's reaction to Breda.

Breda said...

Kaveman = krafty.

legman, some women amputees do wear heels, but it requires a lot more equipment than I can afford.

Christina LMT said...

Nothin' wrong with "cute!"

HollyB said...

Chucks are the BOMB! The Male half of the wedding party at my Niece's wedding wore black Chucks. Including the preacher and Father of the Bride.

You know Fluevogs come in FLAT styles, too. And have you ever considered Cowgirl boots? I bet you'd look real cutey in Cowgirl boots. or is the heel a problem there, too?

Chris H in Phx. said...

Being a male with roughly the same leg assortment (or whatever you want to call it) I have a problem wearing my favorite pair of cowboy boots. I had the left one customized and installed a sole to top zipper so I could get it on easier, but the heel is still too tall and it makes me walk forward on my left leg, which makes me limp even more than normal and makes my knee and eventually back hurt like crazy after a full day of wearing them. Needless to say, I have to limit the use to once or twice a month max. Takes me a couple of days to recover if I wear them more than one day a week.

Hobie said...

With that smile and twinkle in your eye who the heck is going to look at your feet?