Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Look it up.

Seems doesn't understand the definition of "ironic".


Weer'd Beard said...

I love how these type sites seem to REALLY enjoy and are proud of thier ignorance. Yeah, people get guns for christmas. Yeah young kids (both boys and girls) have as much fun with BB guns as adults (.22 Carbines are even more fund for boys and girls!). But somehow the fact that they've never heard of that is funny to them, yet if I showed a picture of a Woman running a law office, and wrote some caption about Women having high-powered careers being strange, I'd be a sexist pig.

(BTW Mrs. Weer'd makes twice what I do, and I'll boast about it!)

bryan in cleburne said...

weer'd beard said it well. Someone really needs to get them a dictionary.

BTW, my 7-year-old has a CZ 452 Scout. I think someone mentioned it in the comments to your post about .22 bolt actions. Very cool gun. Small enough for a child, but functional enough for an adult.

Matt G said...

There might be the faintest bit of irony from the last ad, if you know that Mattel (a major toy maker) did actually make some of the original plastic stocks for the M16, and that this was the source of much derision by soldiers who missed their old heavier M14s and claimed that the "M" stood for "Mattel."

Steve Skubinna said...

Whoa, get a load of the irony just dripping from those ads! They actually depict the product and write about it!

How deliciously post modern! How ultra hip! What a brilliant way to mock the bourgeoisie!