Friday, June 13, 2008

impartial judgement?

Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Burge says the state of Ohio's method of putting prisoners to death is unconstitutional because two of three drugs used in the lethal injection process can cause pain....and yes, that's him, being interviewed in his office, sitting under his posters of Che (a communist mass murderer) and Obama. Hmmm...why is it we keep seeing those two images side by side?


Steve Skubinna said...

Did Che's method cause pain? A shot to the back of the head, while bound and kneeling at the edge of the ditch? Was that humane?

Yes, Che. This moron in office probably does not know Che murdered, with his own hands, hundreds, unlike most other totalitarian honchos who merely made the plans and gave the orders. Or else he likes that asinine omelet and eggs phrase.

I like omelets. I've made plenty, and eaten even more, and I have never killed even one person to do it. Leftists are deranged.

Bruce said...

Murderers = good. Armed citizens capable of thwarting would-be murderers = bad.

Sounds fabulous. Where do I sign up?

BobG said...

"Hmmm...why is it we keep seeing those two images side by side?"

Tells you something about the people who like both those images.

Anonymous said...

Che lined people up and shot them without a trial. That kind of atrocity is acceptable to this judge?

Guess so. There's the image of the murderer.

Pass some more popcorn while we watch the end of the Republic.

Willorith said...

This guy is proud of these pictures and wants the world to know it. He has no place on the bench in this country.

Matt G said...

Moreover, Che was a medical doctor (eye doc). He was almost a universal failure at everything he did. But Castro loved him, and underwrote his trip to Africa. Guevarra had some interesting ideas on guerrilla warfare, but it was all steeped in Marxism.

Those who worship Che Guevarra are fools.

hairy hobbit said...

OK, the drugs "can" cause pain?

Here are a few acceptable choices that you can choose from judge socialist assclown.

Pick one:

A)stone them
B)put them to death the same way they killed their victims...if this includes hours, or days worth of torture and rape so be it.
C)let the victims family have a say in the method used.
D)give them drugs that "can" cause pain
E)hang them in the public square followed by a "victory lap" around town drug from the front bumper
F)hang them in the public square PRECEDED by a "victory lap" around town drug from the REAR bumper
G)slit them open, remove muscles from their bone and replace with cans of tuna fish, stitch em up, then toss in a pit of rabid, starving cats
H)give them some acid, and a razor blade and make sure they have the worst trip ever.

I sincerely hope that a victims family saw your little shrine in the article and decides to pay a visit. Better yet I hope they lead a "get this asshole outta office" campaign since his term expires on 1/4/2013

Joseph said...

My understanding was Guevarra was a "medic" (more like a PA) than a full fledged physician.
One thing I always "liked" about the old-style communists-any atrocity was permissible, as long as it advanced the ideology. Purges, pogroms, extra-judicial executions, mass executions....all that fun.

One reason for the guns I have.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

A judge displaying a Che image in a non-ironic matter should be an impeachable offense. Unless emulating Che is his preferred method of capital punishment, of course.

Somehow I don't think it is.

And people like him think the President is stoopid...

Jeffrey Quick said...

They might cause pain? Hokay,what do we replace them with: drawing-and-quartering, or burning alive?