Thursday, June 12, 2008

more McKenzie

The little girl (with a big gun) a few posts back is the same girl who can field strip and reassemble an AR-15 in less than a minute.

There are also more videos of her shooting here and here.


Tam said...

She just leaves me standing in slack-jawed goggle-eyed amazement every time I watch that. I've been stripping AR-15's longer than she's been alive and I'm not that fast or confident. She doesn't stick her tongue out the corner of her mouth near as much as me, either.

Earl said...

I am proud to know that the next generation has some qualified gun toting girls coming along. Of course she will surpass anything that I ever did with the M16, may all her targets be paper, plastic or steel.

Can't figure on how a tongue out the corner of the mouth helps, but I have that permanent crease between the eyebrows from concentration.

phlegmfatale said...