Thursday, June 19, 2008

Open carry close to home

Ohioans for Concealed Carry has posted a story about a young man named Bryan being harassed by the Willowick police, who are very clearly ignorant of the law regarding open carry in Ohio.

Bryan was clever enough to record the interaction with his iPhone. A link to the audio can be found at the bottom of the article.

Willowick is just one town over from where I live. If I ever open carry, would policemen come, surround me, make me get on my knees and answer their questions as they try to intimidate me? There's only one way to find out.

An open carry walk is being planned for the area and I will be there.


Mike W. said...

I'm inclined to say they'd be less likely to harass a young woman than they would someone like myself

I plan to carry the next time the folks here have an OC dinner at IHOP.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for standing up!

phlegmfatale said...


Anonymous said...

Just went over and read the story and listened to the audio.

Sue. Their. Asses.

And I hope he doesn't forget to ask for the revocation of the LEO Commissions held by all involved. This stuff won't stop until the folks who do it personally lose their LEO commission. Then it will stop instantly. If the CHP officer who mugged Patricia Kronie in New Orleans had to worry about losing his commission he would never have assaulted her.
Break the law and assault the Bill of Rights: lose your commission.

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me when LEO don't know the laws of their state to the extent that they believe things like open carry are illegal.

That said I'm not a fan of open carry and I like most of the weapon/self defense laws here in Texas.

Mike W. said...

I just realized I read this story a day or two ago over on

Anonymous said...

err I should clarify open carry is not allowed except by LEOs in Texas.

CCLs are really easy to get here and a good portion of the people I know have them whether they carry or not.

John B said...

Infospace, or Superpages gives the phone number for the Willowick PD. I'd suggest that all of us call in and DEMAND the resignation and suicide of that Sergeant, and the revocation of the LEO commissions of all involved as clearly they don't know the job.

I also think the NRA should publicly revoke the alleged membership of the late sergeant.

Anonymous said...

Read this story and the Dickinson City story together and it sounds like a funding source for gun rights groups. These folks should all face heavy civil rights charges and personal liability suits. I don't think strict liability applies when you are abridging civil rights under color of authority.

And the commissions ought to be revoked.

hairy hobbit said...


Then again...I could use some cash myself, so make sure you post at least ahead of time when we're going on our "easy money" walk Breda. I'm sure I can make enough to cover the gas out there.

In a related note, will the new castle doctrine law have any impact on this in the future? If you OC, what are the legal issues around driving to and from somewhere in Ohio? They cover that in the concealed classes...OH, and now that the laws are changing to you holders get anything to advise you specifically about the new laws or are you on your own like usual?

Peripatetic Engineer said...

I have trouble following the police logic concerning OC vs CC. It seems they would rather NOT know a person has a weapon than to be able to see it clearly when a person is open carrying. But anecdotes that can be read on the various OC forums indicate that the police will tend to stop and question someone who is carrying in the open. I also see OC as a bigger deterrent to crime and you 'd think that would make them happy.

Mike W. said...

I think the major issue with OC is that *some* of these cops don't like the idea that someone who's not an "only one" can strap on a holstered pistol just like they do and go about their business.

It's a threat to their authoritah!

Weer'd Beard said...

So somebody calling the cops saying they're "Scared" is "inciting a panic"?

I can think of a few protected demographics that ignorant people are scared of besides gun owners.

I'll go to a more PC example and just ask if JayG was driving though town on his Bike in full leather, and some pinhead called the cops worried that he was a Hell's Angel or some other "outlaw" would the responce be the same?

I think we all know the answer.

Also I'm curious of how many of the responding cops were carrying guns openly, and what the damn difference was?

Mike W. said...

Open Carry would not constitute "inciting a panic" / "disturbing the peace" under any statute I've ever read.

Why? because violation of those laws requires INTENT.

Imagine walking down the sidewalk towards a park with a bat in your hands and getting arrested for "inciting a panic." Same situation, same idiocy, different tool.

I'm not sure how well our cops here are trained regarding OC, but the AG's office for sure knows it's legal. Their definition of what constitutes "open" is a bit nuts however.

kaveman said...

There are several good books about individual states' gun laws.

My advice is to get hold of one, maybe in a library, and take it with you on your "walk."

Depending on the "only ones" to know what the law allows and what it does not is just as silly as depending on them for your personal protection.

John B said...

Right Kaveman, All due respect to Matt and Lawdog. but most of their "brothers" have this "I AM the LAW" attitude. That attitude is like my cigar. If you're not on my -or their- end of it, IT STINKS!

Mike W. said...

Kaveman is right. One of our DELOC members had a phone conversation with the DE State Police and their response was basically.

"We arrest. We don't interpret the law."

That's not exactly a confidence inspiring response.

Other local police contacted said "yeah we know it's legal but we don't like it."

CTone said...

"Same situation, same idiocy, different tool."

By tool, I'm getting that your refering to the police sergeant?

Oldsmoblogger said...

Time to get off the dime and get a good holster.

Mikee said...

The person inducing a panic was the caller who reported the legally-carrying individual to the police. The tape of that 911 call should be made public. It might be useful in any lawsuit against the police to include in the lawsuit the person or persons who made the call for police action, as he or she was one of those attempting to deprive a person of their rights.

Sue a few individual citizens for their hoplophobia and the publicity would educate many more.