Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the word, sir, is "petite"

...besides, my ears really aren't that pointy. Sheesh.

I've got the day off and I'm determined to get some things done. I should fold some laundry, scrape off some more wallpaper, terrorize the cats (AKA vacuum), get something for dinner tonight, and buy some worms and a cute new top for the Friends of the NRA banquet this week. (probably not at the same store and, hey, what do you wear to these things anyway?)

I was going to garden but when I woke up I found that it had rained. It's damp gray and chilly today - but not nearly as bad as the blizzard I dreamed about last night. "It's June! It's June!" I kept screaming as I watched big fat flakes rush past the window.

Anything could happen.


Willorith said...

I buy meal worms at the reptile pet store to feed to the lizards that live everywhere down here in Florida. The lizards on my carport are trained to come out when they see me. A dozen or so will scamper out to feast on the worms. My wife is quite uncomfortable with the thought of lizads trained to come to humans instead of hiding from them. I think my little friends are delightful.

Breda said...

what sort of lizards are they? I think that's delightful too - kind of like the Florida version of us buying peanuts for the squirrels.

brad_in_ma said...

Do you have RED squirrels? Remember this:
Grey squirrels --> ok.
Red squirrels --> BAD. VERY BAD.

Red squirrels will eat holes in your house. The ONLY answer for red squirrels is a 12ga loaded with #4 shot. If you have red squirrels, you definitely want to convert them into "the pink mist".

Breda said...

We have grey sqrrlz.

CGHill said...

Wouldn't tall pixies be something of a contradiction in terms?

(No, I don't know how tall Frank Black is.)

Chris in SE TX said...

"and buy some worms and a cute new top for the Friends of the NRA banquet"...?????

I can see the cute new top would be appreciated by the Friends of the NRA. It scares me a little that the worms will be served at the banquet. It scares me EVEN MORE, that they might be appreciated!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Be glad that your cats have the decency to be afraid of your vacuum - mine will sit on the stairs completely in the way the whole time I'm trying to clean up. Jerks.