Wednesday, July 9, 2008


My blog is only the #2 result when you do a Google search for the word "Breda", and I don't even appear on this list. At all.

I'm might have to do something about that.


Bonnie said...

I dominate Google with "Squeaky Wheel Seeks Grease", am #7 with "Squeaky Wheel", and don't even want to try with simply "Squeaky", for fear of what that might turn up.

And that second list? You have a chance, but I sure as hell don' I'm not feminine enough. I should write about shoes more often. Or maybe I should have chosen a more feminine blog name.

Christina RN LMT said...

Google "flesh eating shroom", and my blog is the ONLY thing that pops up!

West, By God said...

You beat out city website for the booming metropolis that is Breda, Iowa... that's no small feat ;)

If it makes you feel any better, I'm only #2 for "west by god".

Earl said...

Hmm, after checking my winning and winless Lotto tickets this morning, it is refreshing to know that the ladies (some of library and pistol packing fame) that I read and follow aren't part of that great herd of babbling Barbies out there in cyberspace. I still have excellent taste and discerning judgment... or so I think.

Breda, Tam and Brigit still rock, and the ones I didn't mention roll!
Got to go.... the world awaits.

Willorith said...

Good Woman:
My Google search brought you up in the third position after a pest management company in the 2 position. Pest Management is what Breda is all about. Mice and miscreant management - Breda's 3M.

Jay G said...

#8 for "Marooned", but given that there's a movie and a Pink Floyd album of the same name, understandable.

#1 for "Stuck in Massachusetts". Go me!

Mike W. said...

I'm #1 for "another gun blog" and for "Delaware gun blog"

I still think Breda is an awesome name!

Anonymous said...

Must be a glitch in the internets.

Or maybe they decided to include ALL female bloggers rather than the obviously superior choice of narrowing it down to female bloggers worth reading.

Ever drive by a large farmers field and see 500 sheep and only one fox?

Me too.

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, Michelle Malkin is the only female blogger I recognized. (Though I didn't read the list that carefully.)

Keep it up! I've been reading your blog for weeks and this is my first comment; you may have more of a following than you realize.

Matt G said...

Getting up to 1% of Michelle Malkin's great rockstar status would really, really be sumpin', ma'am. Srsly.

Unknown said...

Hey! I just wanted to say that you are on the list. The blogs are mostly nominated by people and I do some of my own research to find female bloggers so its a comprehensive list of all female bloggers. I hope you understand. Also, even being on this list is a matter of prestige because some of these bloggers have been around for so long and have really high rankings which is what the algorithm is based on. Lastly, I have to manually retrieve the rankings for PR, Alexa and Technorati so it does take a lot of time, around 10 hours, to compile this list. Once again, thank you for blogging about this. I really appreciate it! :)

Mike W. said...

You're #1 to all of us gun bloggers. To hell with that list.