Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the lovely weather we're (not) having.

According to the calendar, it is well and truly summer...but I have been sleeping under a comforter for weeks now, I am still wearing heavy socks, the cats curl up under blankets at night, and just yesterday I saw library patrons wearing sweaters. Sweaters.

With all the "Oh no! The Earth is heating up!" hysteria in the news, I figured that Ohio would be a tropical paradise by now. I was making plans for a grove of mango and avocado trees in the back yard. Very disappointing. So I'm going to go buy some lightbulbs today. The real ones.

This global warming business isn't working out quite as I expected. Is that why they're calling it "global climate change" now?


Peter said...

Exactly! Any variation in weather is "Climate Change."
It got warmer? Climate Change! Buy CFLs!

It got colder? Climate Change! Buy a hybrid!

It's raining more? Climate Change! Turn off the lights! (unless you are Al Gore)

It's raining less? Climate Change! Bow to Al Gore, and ride the bus!

Mark Alger said...

Reminds me of the Jon Lovitz character.

"Global warm... er, Climate Cha-a-ange. That's the ticket! Climate change."


Willorith said...

Avocados, avocados, what a wonderful fruit. The California Haas are the best. Florida avocados have less of the wonderful fat in them, giving less creaminess, and less flavor. I mad guacamole with 2 avocados yesterday. I gave it to my wife to snack on while I cooked supper. When supper was ready I only got on bite of my beautiful guacamole, and a wonderful smile from my beautiful wife.

Anonymous said...

Michigan has been having Weather ADD.

Global warming my foot. They're cycles of climate, they happen all over the world and have been happening since weather first began.

Jay G said...

It's July 1st and I've got the heater on in my office...

Global warming my @$$...

Steve Skubinna said...

They dropped "Global Warming" when it became obvious even to the brain dead drones of the cult that global temps have NOT been rising the past decade.

Climate Change is a no-lose. Because the climate changes. All the time. It's what it does, so they can always be right. So shut up and give them all your money. And surrender your political autonomy, too.

Geoff said...

Heh! Meanwhile, Oregon has been breaking records for hot weather.

Go figure.