Sunday, August 31, 2008

GOP girls

Meet Meghan McCain...

Talented, smart, vivacious and beautiful (what is it with these Republican women?), Meghan also blogs (beer in hand... sounds familiar). She and her two friends offer us a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at life on the campaign trail with photos (lots!) and commentary. The McCain Blogette videos are also wonderfully done, giving us a glimpse at the authentic personalities of the McCain family and the people they choose to have on their team.

These totally hip young women, and many like them, are the future of the party. Bye-bye, good ol' boys.


Earl said...

Not that I would be considered "good" or one of the "boys" (I do own up to the OLD) - what are you going to do without us? I don't really want to know - but I will tell you like I tell my wife - you are goin' to miss me when I am gone.

Where is that exit door? How do I get outta here?

Breda said...

oh, Earl - you're one of the good good ol' boys. You know, one of the ones who thinks that girls are good too.

Anonymous said...

I happened across Meghan's blog a few months ago - she was featured in a magazine, though now I do not remember which - and she's always struck me as a pretty awesome young woman.

Robert said...

That's some girl power for you right there! They ought to stop along the way and hit a range for a little pistol shooting. I bet those Alaskan girls can handle a gun.

Carteach0 said...

Thanks for posting the link. It's a new one for me.

The 'new politics' are replacing the old boy network, and quickly. Much frothing and consternation amongst the back room boys I am sure.

With the addition of SarahCuda to the ticket, it will only blossom from this point.

Like many, many folks around my area of the world have noted, this new political wrinkle is breathing life into a diseased system.

(Oh, I have not forgotten your stones and display bases!)

Anonymous said...

Heck. I was hoping that was a handgun near her right hand.

Mad Saint Jack said...

Don't forget the other McCain girl.

"Barack Obama talks about lifting the child from Bangladesh from poverty."

"John McCain already did it."

WV: bmadi

Mad Saint Jack said...

"Palin’s daughter is pregnant"

Shit gets Deeper.

Who want to ask 0 if she is being "punished with a baby."

Stingray said...

P.J. O'Rourke once again nails modern events from years (ok, 2003) before they happen:

"Best of all, there were hardly any beautiful women at the [Housing Now!] rally. I saw a journalist friend of mine in the Mall, and he and I purused this line of inquiry as assiduously as our happy private lives allow. Practically every female at the march was a bowser. "We're not being sexist here," my friend insisted. "It's not that looks matter per se. It's just that beautiful women are always on the cutting edge of social trends. Remember how many beautiful women were in the anti-war movement twenty years ago? In the yoga classes fifteen years ago? At the discos ten years ago? On Wall Street five years ago? Where the beautiful women are is where the country is headed," said my friend. "And this," he looked around him, "isn't it." from "Parliament of Whores"

Now if you'll pardon me, I'm going to go count the number of hot gun chicks in my blogroll alone and go through the rest of the day with a smile.

Kevin said...

Saw her blog last night. great, if a little heavy on the photos a little slow loading for some of us.

Been reading it cack through the early days and it is a great insight into the emotions of those who orbit the star of the elections.

I was very impressed with the openness and honesty, and wowed by the various travels Megan and her Mom. Vietnam? to the country that Imprisoned her dad? Tough ladies - tough and forgiving, true to their conservative values.

Our country doesn't deserve women of that caliber in the White House, but we damn sure need them to continue the healing works of grace and class that The Bush Ladies started.

I Am The Hammer said...

I got no problem if the "good ol' boys" are replaced by hot conservative babes! No problem whatsoever!

Joseph said...

I do find it kind of fitting that many Republican gals are poised, pretty, and accomplished. The Democratic gals, on the other hand, seem to be often worn-looking and harpy-ish.

doubletrouble said...

And in other news, I met a couple of our local (state) candidates over the weekend & guess what?
The one who seemed most sincere & honest was a young lady looking to represent me in Congress.
The girls are EVERYWHERE, & I’m voting for ‘em.
And I’m definitely in the “old boy” category…

(WV: "ikuhav" nu Congrezmen?)

TallTim said...

"Bye-bye,good ol'boys"-outstanding! I be at the range.