Wednesday, August 13, 2008

is it just me, or...

...were these two separated at birth?

(Tom's career is in the toilet at the moment...he'd be perfect in the made-for-TV movie)


Bob said...

While the resemblance is remarkable, I think the material is more Lifetime than the big screen, and Tom Cruise hasn't yet sunk to that level. Probably after the inevitable divorce from Katie and his arrest on charges of trying to brainwash his kids, he'll be ready for some Lifetime roles.

Earl said...

cultural clones perhaps but the DNA isn't a perfect match nor their crimes

I did receive two Scientology DVDs in the Library mail to help improve my patrons - but no one told Tom that not everyone in America has access to DVD players - back to the mission board with better ideas, Tom...

we do have the complete set of books, they don't circulate too much... Buddhists do better

is Tom a Liberal or a Democrat? too?

Jeffrey Quick said...

It took a real hunter to bag that buck.

It's really more operatic fare than movies...maybe interwoven with the legend of Narcissus.

Lissa said...

Oh, but isn't Edwards a good seven inches taller than Cruise?

Anonymous said...

In all fairness, Cruise hasn't cheated on his wife while she was dying of cancer. He's a loon, but he hasn't sunk to the same level of sleaze as Silky Pony.

At risk of starting trouble, the person in that sorry tale who REALLY frosts me is Elizabeth. "I'm so PROUD of his courage and honesty."


Woman, your husband CHEATED on you. While you were deathly sick. Apparently, he's still trying (what else was he doing in that hotel in the middle of the night without her knowledge?). And you're PROUD of him??? Guess the money he brings in from chasing ambulances and predatory lending is just too good to give up, eh?

Anonymous said...

I have never understood why Democrat males can't keep their pencil in their pocket or at least be more discreet.

Also, do Republican males just give up sex? Or do they *really* get it from their wives (or only in the men's room)?

Something seems weird about all that to me.

I don't think Tom is a good candidate for that role.

Anonymous said...

...just to clarify, I was referring to the Democratic and Republican candidates that keep making the news, nothing to do with any other men. What you do on your dollar is up to you.

I'm pretty sure Democratic women candidates gave up sex a loooonnnggg time ago.

Assrot said...

I humbly invite you to read a post that I wrote about Tom when he was giving Brooke Shields a hard time about medicating her post-partum depression.

What Tom Cruise Needs

I think the same should be done to Mr. Edwards for his shenanigans while his wife was near her death bed from cancer.

Tom is the perfect actor to play Edwards. Both are human garbage in my book.


Shawn McManus said...


All a republican male has to do for sex is tell a female democrat he's a republican and there's that sexual tension thing right away.

The news will never report on it because in secret, they don't want the truth that their darling dem-men can't hold a candle to their republican opponents in the bedding department.

I think there's a pun in that last sentence somewhere...