Monday, August 11, 2008


...and Holly! (yes, folks, a newbie two-fer!)

Holly and I work together at the library and she was the first non-family chick I ever took to the range. She enjoyed the experience so much that she went shooting with me again yesterday, and even brought Jen along. Despite playing for rival roller derby teams, Holly and Jen are close friends.

Jen had never shot a handgun before. She was smiling quietly when I first met her at the range, a bit tentative, perhaps a bit nervous. Holly, however, was raring to go. We got everyone eye and ear protection and headed in. Someone was shooting something big, so we were greeted by the sound of loud gunshots. Best to get the flinching over with in the beginning, I guess.

I set out the Ruger MarkII and the Taurus .22 revolver and went over the 4 Rules. I let Jen handle each pistol and showed her how to load them. She started with the revolver, shooting double action. She was hitting the target consistently at about 15 feet and did even better after I showed her how to pull the hammer back and shoot single action. Jen was a little afraid of the hot flying brass involved with semi-auto pistols, but bravely gave the MkII a try anyhow. She decided she liked revolvers better.

So after a short lesson on different calibers from Mike, it was time to try something a little bigger.

Jen really enjoyed Mike's new Smith & Wesson model 19...

...and, as you can see by her target, she is a really good shot!(Jen, on the left, and Holly)

Just for fun, we also tried a little one-handed target practice, and even some 10/22 rifle shooting.

Derby girls, even honorary ones, know how to have a good time.


Anonymous said...

Every time you post range pictures I remind myself Cleveland is only 4 hours away. I think it'd be great fun to go shooting with you.

breda said...

Come visit! I'd love that!

Tam said...


(...and zomg Jen's shirt is teh kewlest!!!!1!one!)

Lissa said...

Oh, good on ya :)

BTW, re: the Currently Reading -- I *loved* Kushiel's Mercy. I adored the first Kushiel trilogy but just liked the first two books of the second trilogy. This final book I LOVED LOVED LOVED.

Lydia said...

Mike looks so much like my uncle in that picture it's scary...starngely enough, my uncle is just as scatter brained as your husband sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Training your Library Legion!

I alway like to have a pamphlet with the 4 rules in writing, just to prove that I’m not making this stuff up (Glock prints a good one).
Please don’t take that as criticism, it's not.

Was the S&W loaded with .38s or Magnums?
Can I send you some KY real estate info? (OK I'll stop.)

breda said...

tam - the shirt id available for purchase on the Burning River Roller Girls site!

lissa - yet another reason I like you!

lydia - maybe you're related.

jack - You're funny. Is Kentucky nice? The Smith was loaded with .38 specials.

Willorith said...

Good Woman:
Saturday's Sinead O'Connor post left me haunted all weekend. I didn't realize that humans could do that. Today I looked further and found her doing Danny Boy, and sat at my desk crying big fat wet tears. Wednesday will be the 45th birthday of my baby brother, Danny. He died in Panama serving in the United States Navy when he was 26 years old. I'm not trying to make you feel bad. Mt grief had been put away some where and needed to be brought out and refreshed.
Thank you, dear woman.

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled with your attitude towards assisting and educating others about firearms, I have been very surprised at the number of women I have met who know nothing about firearms. When I met my wife she was ignorant to all things firearm related, no more, she is an avid & accomplished shooter as well as our 13 year old daughter, our 11 year old son, and our 9 year old daughter.(Whose favorite handgun happens to be a .44 revolver).
I was pleased as pie when my 9 year old walked in 4 nights ago and told me she wanted to learn to field strip my Glock 17, which she did.
Anyhow, I just wanted to give you a big pat on the back.

Christina RN LMT said...

So...were your friends at Rollercon in Vegas a few weeks ago?
That's always a fun time here, but not as much fun as NFR, Baby! (Cowboys rule!)

I wish I lived a little closer to you...I'd take you up on your "Chicks with Guns" offer so fast it'd make your head spin.

Anonymous said...

"jack - You're funny."

OMG! I can die a happy man!

I like KY a lot. I was born in Dodge City (how's that for gunnut street cred)but my parents moved to KY before my first birthday.

I can drive north for 5 min. and be in downtown Cincinnati, or drive south for 15 min. (they keep building new suburbs) and be out in the country.

We stoled the Cincy airport and we're not giving it back!

My dad's membership at Kenton Co. Game & Fish is $80 a year (after 5 yrs).

And I got to go to the NRA Meeting (sorry that was mean).

Anonymous said...

P.s. My dad's from Cleavland.

I lived there with my Grandmother for a few months after my Grandfather died.

Anonymous said...

Oh, also even our democrats are pro-gun.
Except for Nick Clooney, who bought my dad a bottle of Champagne on his b-day. (Let me pick that name up.)

Anonymous said...


Can't comment on your page, but it's funny: 223 means something completely different to most of the people over here.

WV: wzjevfyp

they keep getting harder and harder!

Anonymous said...

I was rereading my crap looking for typos and noticed:

WV: pjyebnkx

Word Verification really hates me.

Need sleep!
Good night/morning.

Anonymous said...

Your range is indoors completely right? So it wouldn't matter if I visited you in say... winter.. one could still go shooting without risking frostbite?

breda said...

50 ft & completely indoor, yep.

Anonymous said...


I can't speak to Breda's range, but the typical indoor range has a heavy-duty ventilation system that brings fresh air in from the outside. It’s necessary but it makes it hard to heat.

Bring a sweater. (not a tank top.)

Ride Fast said...

[...] Breda, the gun virus [...]

Good job, Breda, keep up the good work!

Carteach said...

I get a huge kick out of your crusade to bring people into the fold!

Keep going!