Sunday, August 3, 2008

Range report

We decided to have a little quality husband and wife time at the range yesterday. Mike wanted to try out his new Smith and I, as always, just wanted to practice, practice, practice with my Bersa. Mike had also given the 10/22 a good cleaning, so we brought that along just for fun.

The 10/22 worked beautifully, as did Mike's new wheelgun. My Bersa didn't let me down either...
25ft, Bersa Thunder .380
Now those of you who have seen my previous targets are probably thinking, "Wait a second. Those targets really aren't so good. Breda must have been having an off day. Well, it happens to the best of us..."

Oh, but there's a good explanation for that. I was shooting one-handed.

(and after I had lined up my sights but before I took my first shot, I said, "WmEarl, this is for you." The Library Keeper has been giving me gentle reminders that I need to practice this way too, just in case and also just because. Next week, I'll shoot with my weak hand.)


TD said...

Nice shootin', Tex!

Earl said...

That is only Earl telling you that after Gravity, Murphy always rules. The strength needed for one hand is difficult, all my picturesque one-handers are usually with a .22, but I do occasionally do it with the .45's - just for practice. You did well, for the experience. Did you find the sight picture or the length of tire after several mags different? And did you finish with a mag in the two handed best practice position? Always finish on a high note, then you will come back and do it again.

Wild Deuce said...

An instructor and someone that I trust told me once that if you can master the trigger on a double action revolver while shooting weak hand only .... you will improve your trigger control on all handguns (weak or strong hand) ... even the single action bottom feeders.

The same person also said the same thing that Earl just shared - Always start with accuracy (slow, deliberate, strong hand supported) and end with accuracy. Practice the hard stuff in between.

I will say that it's been fun watching your rapid progression in skill.

TJH said...

I'm as impressed as I am with the Bersa. I figured the slide would have cracked by now. I guess I have to take a lot of advice with a grain of salt.

I figure in another year, you'll be posting about your new S&W Mountain Gun in .44 Mag.

Joseph said...

Better than mine!! But I am picking up a lot from reading here.
I will likely trade my Bersa in on something else. It is the only handgun I have fired that actually hurts when I shoot it! :(

Thomas said...

I've a poly CC special Bersa Thunder .380 I carry on days like today when the weather is 102F and attire is less and I can't see how I could put two hands on it anyway. Close range weapon. Does the job it was designed for. Haven't broken it yet even with some handloads a bit hotter than Corbons just to see if I could break it.

It's a good summer gun. Not a favorite range gun but tolerable. It wasn't designed to be one.

Regards and happy shooting.

DirtCrashr said...

Maybe not so good for an left eyeball and sinus shot, but keeping them together in a 7-inch brisket is pretty dandy.