Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hoo boy.

This going to be fun. It's the last weekend of summer, the weather is gorgeous, and no surprise - the library is as quiet as, a library should be. We've been open for an hour already and we only have one patron in the building.

My stomach is feeling a bit delicate because I think I ate a bad mussel last night, and my fingers are numb because the air conditioning is chugging away, still set on high for summer. Oh, and I'm here until 5 o'clock.

But I'm smiling - that is what they pay me for, right?

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stbaguley said...

Please tell how you transitioned into a shooter. What part(s) of it will appeal to a crafts and decorations and doll clothes for the the grandgirls girl like my wife. (I don't think she will come around to the idea that squirrels are haut cusine. Even pheasant is better for its meta presence than its potworthyness (I like to make up new words). For myself I approach handguns the same way I approach chainsaws; carefully and with great respect for the power and danger they represent; but almost joyfully for the harnessed power and expanded ability to affect my world. Such tools are what make humans the top of the foodchain. To quote Mel Brooks, "Its good to be the King." Sorry you are stuck inside I am outta here.