Friday, September 5, 2008

tapped out

Mike gave me a beer and sent me to the basement to sit in front of the computer until I come up with something since I haven't written anything today. I think my last post plumb wore me out. I was so inspired after watching Sarah Palin's speech that I immediately had a blog post just burbling up inside me, but I was so excited that I just couldn't do it justice. I wrote a little, read speech analyses, went to bed and then lay awake a long time until I decided to get up again. I padded down to the computer in my pajamas and glasses trying to not disturb my husband and thoroughly confusing the cats, determined to get my thoughts in order... and it was 3 AM before I was finally able to make sense of that jumble of words and emotion. I woke up early(-ish) Thursday morning and edited some more before I was satisfied enough to publish.

And today? Well, today I was at the library. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


West, By God said...

That's perfectly OK. That post earned you a day off. Relax. Drink a beer and don't worry about anything!

Jannie "Funster" said...

"After the styrofoam columns are hauled back to the studio lot..." How freaking priceless (and bang-on,) is that??!?!

A fellow Republican,

Earl said...

Tomorrow always has that beauty that we will never savor... for we live in today and tomorrow's dreams seem far away. You will remain worth waiting for, always. Knew there would be a beer on Friday evening, and if one would talk about people waiting for posts - Mike-stan hasn't been changed lately... just noticing.

Ted said...

When you come back up for air, there's a really interesting post over at Secret Lives of Scientists, involving Palin, Librarians, and media bias. I'd be interested in your take.

Or you can tell me that Mike gave you another beer. This week may hve been a two drink minimum.


Oh, by the way, #2 son LOVED the science center. It's a cool place. Thanks for the tip!

James R. Rummel said...

Tell Mike that he's the one who needs to post more.


Carteach0 said...

Breda..... don't worry about it. Blogging is not life, it's just notes on life.

When you want to write something, you will.

I do dry spells as well, but not a single one of my three readers ever gives me a hard time... (g)