Sunday, September 28, 2008

writing is a process, please stay tuned

The seminar in Columbus yesterday was absolutely amazing. I took many pages of notes* and have quite a bit to mull over before writing a post. In fact, I'll probably end up writing multiple posts regarding what I learned from Dave Grossman and Bruce Siddle - they covered a lot of information, and in some ways, not nearly enough. I could have listened to them all day, for multiple days. We bought copies of Dave Grossman's books, On Killing and On Combat and I might skim those while getting my thoughts together.

We were lucky enough to sit in the front row with John D and Lady D, who had reserved seats for us. They are just the nicest people and we were so happy to meet them. I also met Brent Greer of The Ready Line, and many people from The Buckeye Firearms Association - I only wish we had more time to talk. We were offered two tickets to attend the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance Foundation's "Save Our Heritage" Rally where John McCain would be speaking (via satellite) but decided against it, seeing how we weren't exactly dressed for a $60 a plate dinner and already had a 3 hour ride back to Willoughby.

Instead, we stopped at a gigantic Amish-style restaurant on the way home. The place was packed with Ohio Buckeye's fans. While we waited for our table, we wandered around the gift shop. And amidst the knickknacks, I found a full-length mirror. I stood in front of it and saw that although my pistol grip was covered (& printing like crazy), the muzzle of my pistol could clearly be seen hanging out the bottom of my shirt. "If someone actually noticed this, what would they think?" I wondered.

They probably wouldn't realize what they're seeing. A five foot tall woman, sniffing soy candles in a gift shop with a pistol on her hip. Incongruous. Doesn't compute. This might just be my secret weapon.

Anyway, more later - I'm off to Sunday** with my Mike. Bacon might be involved. Brain food, you know.

* I'm thinking of scanning them and making a Google Docs file to share, if possible (and if you think it might be something you'd read)

**use it as a verb, it makes sense)


B Smith said...

"They probably wouldn't realize what they're seeing. A five foot tall woman, sniffing soy candles in a gift shop with a pistol on her hip."

All you'd need is a Douglas Adams SEP field. Heh.

Ted said...

"A five foot tall woman, sniffing soy candles in a gift shop with a pistol on her hip. Incongruous. Doesn't compute."

Sounds like effective camo to me, but only for women. ;-)

Red Eyes said...

Hello Breda!
I don't know how you will look on this but I came by your blog today for the very first time. I've never been able to understand the passion that some have for blogging but I love reading stuff that awakens the mind and inflames the imagination. I think yours is an admirable blog and reading this post and through your archives was interesting. I couldn't resist the temptation to do just that. The more scope it gave to my mind although I was hoping to read and leave quietly without surprising you with any comment. Perhaps you will be inviting me back sometime if you think a counter visit is worth one infringement of your normal routine? I'll look out for your arrival. Until then, take care.

btw: have you seen or read the master and margarita?

Dorsal Spine said...

I just wanted to throw my two cents in the hat. I thought the lecture was great. Dave Grossman and Bruce Siddle were amazing. If you haven't read their books already, you really should.

It was fun to meet a famous blogger too. :-)

Less said...

If you ever get the chance, take Massad Ayoob's course on Judicious use of Lethal Force...

Talk about burnout and a shit-ton of notes...

hehehe... "Is that a gun? No, it can't be... or is it?"

Anonymous said...

Lets test out my new Open ID

ok seems to work (preview)

First I should have been there, I knew it was happening, I just forgot when.

Second I have eaten at that restaurant many many times. please tell me you know about this great gun store near there.

Third I would be cautious with your notes. The information might be considered intellectual property (I am paranoid). It would be a good topic for the radio.

Last "They probably wouldn't realize what they're seeing."

Very True most people walk around in condition white.

The Duck said...

Hey Lady D & I were honored to have you there!

Gwyneth said...

(I'm a lurker but wanted to comment)

My husband has gone on and on about Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and having a tactical mindset. I'm rather new to firearms (born-again if you will; having just gone shooting this past weekend for the first time in well over four years). I really look forward to reading what you have to write about what you learned.

Brent Greer said...

I was glad to finally meet you and Mike! It was worth the drive down for the day, wasn't it!
Catch you next time.