Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm a fan.

If you're not reading Looking for Lissa by now, you should be. She's completely adorable (especially when shooting a submachine gun), frequently laugh-out-loud funny, and always insightful. She shamelessly catblogs, lets me live vicariously through her choices in sexy footwear, reads fantasy fiction, cooks in a crockpot, and if all that wasn't enough...she has a big fat girlcrush on Ziva David, a character from the television series NCIS (me too! me too!)

Anyway, here's a little Saturday serenade starring the most bad-ass gunchick on TV...


Wai said...

She's hot, but where does she stand on guns in real life?

Lissa said...

Many thanks, Breda!!!!

And Wai, I'm not 100% sure about her gun stance, but she seems pro-Israel and wanted to meet "a real Mossad agent." Better-than-even chance of being pro-guns?