Sunday, November 9, 2008

at the movies II

We also watched Hot Fuzz this weekend. Well, I watched part of it and it seemed really funny, but I then fell asleep in front of the TV. One warm lap cat + one belly full of potatoes + one fleece blanket = one unconscious Breda, who will later have to peel dried contact lenses off her eyeballs.

Anyway, from what I remember, the film seemed to be about this London policeman, Nicholas Angel, who was really good at his job - so good that he was sent away to a small village because the rest of the London police felt he was making them all look bad. When uber-bobby Nicholas meets his new small town coworkers, they begin questioning him about his exploits in London. One man asks about shooting people and Nicholas says, "I haven't held a firearm in two years."

That caught my attention. "Wait, what?" I pressed pause and looked over at Mike. "But...he's a policeman!"

Mike smirked. "England."

I let that sink in a moment. "Huh."


I pressed play. "Hey, Mike...are you carrying right now?"

He nodded, adjusting his holster a bit. "Yeah, are you?"

"Yeah." I said, snuggling back under the blanket. "Wow. England. WTF?"

Mike chuckled. "Yep."


B Smith said...

You're REALLY gonna love the sequel- 'English Gun Control II: Coming to America', starring Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, and the entire cast of the United Nations Council on Small Arms Proliferation. Coming soon...

Justin Buist said...

I love the movies those guys put out. While dating my wife the first movie we watched together at her place was "Shaun of the Dead." I'd never heard of it but thought it was hilarious.

Naturally we saw Hott Fuzz in the theatre when it came out.

My favorite scene is when they're all talking to the old man in the country. He's standing there with side-by-side and officer Angels asks him if he's got a permit for that firearm.

"I do for this one" is his reply.

When he shows them the other firearms he has, well, I just get all happy.

Pity they confiscated them, but it's necessary to the story line.

phlegmfatale said...


Holly said...

Yeah, but in the part of the movie you slept through, Nicholas hauls out all that cache of confiscated weapons and brings the blue fury down on the murdering townsfolk.

Hope that doesn't spoil it for you.

There's even a wiki page dedicated to the guns used in that movie.

(We watched it again over the weekend. It's become an audience participation-thing in our house; my husband and I leave it on while we're working and say our favorite lines along with the actors.)