Monday, November 3, 2008

Group therapy

The ritual of shooting is very calming. I tape up the target and reel it back, I load the pistol, get in my isosceles, aim, breathe, hold it, focus on the front sight, very slowly squeeze the trigger and...

...BANG! It surprises me every time.

Alone in my lane with that noise and that shock of recoil, silence comes and I exhale in relief. I pause to look downrange at the target and find that the first shot is always perfectly centered. It's a reminder, a suggestion, and I try and find that moment again and again.

Since peace of mind has been elusive lately, I went to the range and sought out my calm in .357 magnum.

Just me and my gun - the rest of the world fell away.


Buckshot said...


Looks like that Model 19 is really growing on you!

Good job.

What load were you firing?


phlegmfatale said...

I had to go to the pistol club my ownself, today. It was a beautiful afternoon, and I was alone.

B Smith said...

lol... show-off.

Shooting as therapy---who'd-a-thunk-it?
It may well be the reason I'm not a felon right now.

Jay G said...

Nice shootin' there Annie O...

Interesting. I was alone at the range as well yesterday. Even shot pretty well.

Wonder why everyone's going to the range?


stbaguley said...

Fireworks Zen
And Again

Old NFO said...

Ah, you are learning what many of us old farts know :-) Shooting is a release of all your cares and allows you to center and settle your mind :-)

Nice shooting too!

Crucis said...

Hang that on your wall. Gunnies will be impressed, others warned.

Dev said...

You nailed the entire reason I shoot. It's the only activity I know where exercising total self-control gives you instant gratification.

paul smith said...

Enhance your calm ......with an expression of personal freedom difficult to explain but so profound in its effect.
P.S. I was further impressed ( over and above your lofty postion ) by your choice of RA Heinlein's TMIAHM. He is a kindred spirit to be sure.