Tuesday, November 11, 2008

hog heaven

Bacon apple pie, chocolate bars with bacon in them, pig candy, pig candy dipped in chocolate...search my blog for the word "bacon" and there are an embarrassing number of results. I just really like bacon.*

And today, my friends, I found the bacon mecca (hee hee. Haraam!) of Al Gore's world wide web. Allow me to introduce J&D's, the home of bacon salt and now baconnaise. Passionate about cured, smoked pork products, J&D have created a product that will make everything taste like bacon. Bacon salt is zero calorie, low sodium, vegetarian, certified kosher (!) and comes in 9 different flavors - with the original being referred to as a "straight bacon punch in the mouth."

And if all this bacony goodness isn't enough for you, J&D have exponentially increased their awesomeness by creating Operation Baconsalt. You can send bacon salt to soldiers stationed overseas at a 50% discount - a taste of home, a reminder of what they're fighting for, and a wonderful way to say thank you to those who are serving in faraway places where bacon is not allowed...

The taste of bacon is the taste of freedom - thank a veteran today.

*& it might be genetic. Just the other day, my mother was telling me how she had a sausage and bacon sandwich for breakfast. Sausage AND bacon, people. Both. She's such an inspiration. And once, when she was pregnant with me, she ate a whole pound of bacon by herself throughout the course of a day. I'm practically made of bacon.

Also, I just saw a bacon salt gift pack that I would like very, very much. A jar of baconnaise, 6 flavors of bacon salt and a bacon flavored lip balm! A dab Hoppe's behind the ears, a liberal application of bacon flavored lip balm and any shy violet will be instantly transformed. You'll be the tastiest dish on the block, guaranteed.


Mike W. said...

"And once, when she was pregnant with me, she ate a whole pound of bacon by herself throughout the course of a day. I'm practically made of bacon."

That totally made me laugh out loud!

God you're making me hungry. I can't remember the last time I ate bacon or sausage.

Ahab said...

I have now purchased this item.

Lissa said...

You are so many flavors of awesome!

Larry said...

Bacon is nature's candy. No shit, I read it on wikipedia.

Earl said...

You are still rockin'!

rickn8or said...


Two words: Bacon. Vodka.


Rio Arriba said...

Oy vay!

stbaguley said...

Sugar and spice and everything nice and BACON! I enjoy your joy.

Tim said...

They did a take on the bacon vodka on Diner's, Drive-Ins & Dive on the food network when they visited Town Talk Diner here in Minneapolis, but they did it with Bourbon instead of Vodka, and they used rendered bacon fat instead of strips of bacon.

Skimmed the fat off after a few days, and voila.

I have tried their bacon Manhattan, and it is out of this world!