Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday gunday funday

Mike and I went out to a gunshow today and while I was there I decided to sign up for the NRA because hey, free hat. The man working the table insisted I try on the hat because he "just had to see me with it on." Who am I to argue with the NRA guy, right? So I put it on and he got such a kick out of it, I wore the hat the rest of the day.

A little while later, as I was looking a table full of sharp pointy things, a man behind me asked me, "NRA...does that mean 'National Reading Association?'"

I turned and looked at him, expecting to see someone I knew. Nope. Complete stranger. "Funny you should ask me that," I said. He looked a little puzzled so I added, "I'm a librarian."

"You're kidding!"

"Nope!" I said. "Weird, huh? Of all the people you could have asked..."

He laughed, continued on his way and I turned back to the knives. The man behind the table said, "I like your hat."

I glanced up at him and grinned. He was wearing the same one. Maybe he's a librarian too.


Anonymous said...

Some real bright guys there. What a stupid question.

Old NFO said...

Or a smart ass, one or the other... So, did you or Mike get any discounts because of the hat???

Paul Gordon said...

To your "Chicks With Guns", you'll soon be able to add Texas Girl RightWingSparkle

See Gun Shopping

mad saint jack said...

Went to the show in Cincy on Saturday.
There was a line half-way around the convention center. took 25 min. to buy a ticket.
Never seen that before.

WV: feint

Robert said...

Guns. Knives. Conealed Permit. Now NRA membership. It's a slippery slope.

kaveman said...

Welcome to the evil gun lobby. I hope you got the "America's 1st Freedom" magazine, lots of good info in there. Also, you should get a $1 discount(admittance) at all future gun shows by showing your membership card at the door.

hairy hobbit said...

I'm assuming this was Medina? How packed was it? Any good deals missed?

Tam said...

Yay for the fun show!

It is for me what church is for a lot of people; a place to get together and connect with my tribe. :D

The Saj said...

Just wait...

Next year you'll upgrade to a Lifemembership on the easy installment plan (4 quarterly payments of $25) for a total of $750

[ I got the lifetime, because listening hearing that even Glenn Beck had gotten one and then that Sarah Palin VP candidate had one - how could I not? ]

Plus I was unaware of the payment plan option.