Tuesday, November 25, 2008

why I love my crockpot

Two words: pulled pork.

Now I know you southerners will tell me I'm doing it all wrong, that I have to slow cook this in an applewood smoker or something, but I'm sticking with my crockpot. It makes this dish the easiest thing in the world and absolutely droolworthy. Put a big scoopful of that juicy, saucy mess on some garlic bread and oh, momma. You will want to kiss the cook, even if that person is you. I'm not kidding.

Mmmm, pulled pork
1 pork shoulder roast
A few yellow onions
A handful of garlic cloves
Salt, pepper, chiles, whatever you like
BBQ sauce of your choice

(Do this the night before, preferably on a Sunday. Because, really, who wants to cook dinner on a Monday?*) Chop up onions and garlic, add to the pot. Cut the fishnet looking thing off the roast, rub it all over with the spices and see if you can shove some of the onions inside, too. Plunk the meat in the pot. Add about a half cup of water, cover and put in the fridge overnight. The next morning, put your crockpot on low and cook as long as possible.

Right before dinner, remove the meat and put it in a bowl. Drain the liquid from the crockpot and add the BBQ sauce. Pull off any remaining fat on the meat and throw it away. Then shred the meat with two forks, put it back in the crockpot and stir it up with the heated BBQ sauce.

Serve on whatever bread you like - or just eat it right out of the crockpot, like I do. (It's extra good with homemade coleslaw. But don't ask for that recipe, I never write it down.)

* Plus, that way you'll have sandwiches for the rest of the week.


Miz Minka said...

Yum!! Too bad you can't cook turkey in a crockpot...

BTW, beer is a very good substitute for water in any crockpot recipe involving pork or beef. ;)

GeorgeH said...

Add a quartered Granny Smith Apple to the pot.

Larry said...

The only problem I see is throwing away the fat....

Carteach0 said...


Sounds like FOOD to me.... and I'm not even going to offer any suggestions. If I were there, I'd be too busy snarfling down a helping.

Mark Alger said...

Mmmm. Meat is murder. And murder tastes GOOD.

(Didn't I see that on a t-shirt somewhere?)


TW: surecon -- A Rush Limbaugh clone.

Lissa said...

Excellent! I loves me some pulled pork, and I worship my crock pot. Definitely trying this one out :)

(P.S. Mark -- Dooce had a shirt that read "MEAT IS MURDER. tasty, tasty murder." But I can't read Dooce anymore without jabbing knitting needles in my eyes, so no link. I need my eyes.)

Mike W. said...

mmmm! Pulled pork sandwiches. I'll have to see if my sister in law can bring some over on thanksgiving.

RobD said...

This sounds yummy and I agree with Carteach0: Picture?

Miz: You can cook a turkey in a crock pot. You need one of the bigger crock pots and one of the smaller birds. Cut up the bird like you would a chicken before frying. Stuff everything in the crock and pour in some stock, beer, water, or whatever source of liquid you like along with spices of your choosing and maybe some veggies if they fit. Cook on high for several hours (get everything hot throughout) then switch to low for the rest of the day. You could also debone a big turkey to get it to fit or just get a turkey breast to cook. Falls off the bones. House smells amazing.

WV: rinessi (what you get when you cross a rhino with the loch ness monster)

Anonymous said...

If you substitute a quart of vinegar for the water and barbecue sauce, you'll get an approximation of East Caroline bbq.

RobD, there is such a thing as getting too creative. Early in our marriage (so 30+ yrs ago) we tried a duck in the crock pot. What we got was a pot full of grease with duck parts floating in it.

Molon Labe said...

Pulled pork without vinegar and brown sugar???

Say it ain't so!?

JKB said...

Your recipe is very close to what Cooks Illustrated came up with for carnitas, Mexican pulled pork. Although they use a dutch oven instead of a crock pot and different spicing.

Try reducing the liquid to a glaze and the stirring it back into the pulled meat. No use losing all that tasty goodness to the drain.

If you like the crunchy outer part of slow roasted pulled pork, spread the pulled meat on a rack over a pan and broil, flip and broil the other side. Works best with the reduced liquid coating the meat.

LabRat said...

It had never before in my life occurred to me to combine pulled pork and garlic bread, but this idea intrigues me.

BobG said...

Quite a bit the way I make it, only I skip the onions and add some malt vinegar to the water.
One of my favorite uses for it after shredding is to add a bit of cumin to it and use it as taco and burrito filling.

Timmeehh said...

Thas sum goood eatin, yeehaw!

WV = inglest

Yeah, thas wut I speak, inglest.

Anonymous said...

Try using apple juice (or apple cider vinegar) instead of the water.

Bruce said...

Vinegar is crucial to any good barbecue sauce. That said, it looks like pulled pork will be on the menu this week. DROOL!

Stingray said...

Nerd tested, and highly approved!