Monday, December 22, 2008

happy trails, Dick

Although he might need to brush up a bit on the 4 Rules, Dick Cheney has a delightfully wicked little smirk, sends hippies into fits of apoplectic rage, and totally wiped the floor with pretty boy John Edwards during the vice presidential debate.

What can I say? I'm a fan.


Burnt Toast said...

I love Dick.

Wait!!?? I love Dick Cheney. Ok, that's better.

Irregardless of how the left feels about VP Cheney, there is one thing certain to follow this man into the history books: his calm demeanor, his intelligence and his ability to demoralize the opposition through the quiet confidence that comes with the aforementioned.

Mike W. said...

I'm not a big Cheney fan, but I will say he looks damn good when you put him up against the likes of Biden/Edwards/Kerry.

The fact that he's so vilified by the left certainly improves my opinion of him.

Of course Bush looked good up against two of those three, which is why he served 2 terms and why I voted for him.

Bob said...

I emailed both Bush and Cheney at the White House website, thanking them for keeping us safe for the last seven years, and the Veep was kind enough to send a thank-you note via snail mail, which I'll treasure.

bob r said...

Great line: "I thought he merited it at the time." (re: "He can go f### himself".)

Truth be told though, just about _all_ of them merited it yesterday and will merit it today and tomorrow.

Rick R said...

Dick Cheney has been one of the few bright spots on the Bush presidency.

Crucis said...

"Did you actiaully tell Senator Leahy to BLEEP himself?"

"Yes, I did, Her merited it at the time."

Quotes like these just can't be made up. Good on ya, Dick!

smith kaich jones said...

Me too. I love him. Especially that little smirk.

:) Debi

DirtCrashr said...

He lent a very necessary gravitas to the media panic and goulishness after 9/11 - he had it, they didn't.

Anonymous said...

To bad he couldn't take Obama Hunting LOL

Heath said...

I was also a fan.

I wish George no ill will whatsoever, but I can't help but wonder how awesome a Cheney administration might have been, had something tragic happened to W.

Cheney had stones.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I thought I was the only one who liked the man.
I would have loved to see him debate jugears LOL!!

Anonymous said...

i have had a crush on Cheney since the day he dropped the Fbomb on Leahy.

so hilarious how libs were shocked a conservative could pay back in kind. there was a collective gasp heard around the country. i roflmao'd.

i also sent him a note thanking him. my return was email -darn!


The Bad Yogi said...

A cheney admin? Easy to spot:

No limits to exec power: the Pres and VP do what they like, when they like. You don't like? Better be armed.

No limits to business: we build where and when we want. Don't like living next to a smelter? Better be armed.

No limits to taxes on anyone making less than $250,000: we take what we want, when we want to. Want roads? Why?

No limits to financial markets: we don't care if it's YOUR money, we have it so we can do what we want. Don't like it? So?

I'd have liked him better if had actually ANSWERED any of the questions.