Thursday, December 18, 2008

well, I hate to say it, but...'s starting to look like it might be a very long 4 years for all of us.

Remember, the more power you grant the government, the more time you will spend begging to get a little of it back. *

*Why the gay community keeps putting all their eggs in the Democrat's higher taxes-bigger government-more legislation basket never made a bit of sense to me. The way I see it, gay marriage is about freedom - about not having government looking over your shoulder telling you who you can or cannot spend your life loving.


JD said...

well, we all knew buyers remorse would set in sooner or later. . .. I just don't think anyone figured it would hit before he even got in office.

Paul Simer said...

If you thought the bipartisan hatred of GWB was bad, wait until about a year in office when Obama's had enough time for a couple of scandals and hasn't made the oceans blue and put a Lexus in every driveway.

Christopher Carroll said...

Unfortunately, the Republican branch of the Anti-Freedom Party is even worse on this issue.

Wai said...

Well, you know some people are just stuck on stupid.

Mike W. said...

"Unfortunately, the Republican branch of the Anti-Freedom Party is even worse on this issue"

Bingo. The Dems are the lesser of two evils for the gay community.

Homophobia is one of the things that's going to kill the Republican party eventually.

Breda said...

Christopher Carroll and Mike W. - I absolutely agree.

Old NFO said...

You're right, it's going to be a LONNNNGGGGG four years...

Anonymous said...

Forget the Dems and the Reps - there are no people less tolerant of gay people than other gay people. As much as my gay brothers and sisters demand acceptance, they sure don't offer much in their own community. Just mention that you are conservative and own a gun and see how much they "celebrate diversity". If you are not a pro-gov't, pro-choice, anti-gun, anti-God extremely left-leaning Democrat, then you are a traitor or, perhaps even worse, a bisexual. ;-)

I've spent a lot of time saying "I told you so" today and it felt good. No buyer's remorse here. I never made the Obama purchase.

Beth M. said...

Angerhangover... I"m with ya! I'm a conservative lesbian, guess how many gay friends I have - a few online, but not so many in real life. I've never been clear on why gay should be my defining thing.

Breda - been reading a few weeks now - great blog!

Breda said...

hey - new commenters! Welcome!

MedicMatthew said...

In polling my fellow gays about the reasons they support Obama I was quite disheartened to hear most of them joining the "well he's not a republican" camp. If you can tell me why you support someone I'll have far more respect for you than if you simply support someone because he isn't the other guy.

While we're on the subject, where does a gay, pro-gun, pro-DeityOfYourChoice, military supporting libertarian go to find like minded people?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Anonymous said...

MM, I think you're here.

tanksoldier said...

Just mention that you are conservative and own a gun and see how much they "celebrate diversity".

I have several gays in my circle of friends. During our "gang" Thanksgiving party the only one to admit voting Republican was made a pariah.

We hung out together the whole party. Even her wife was mad at her.

Weer'd Beard said...

With a little he'll get his own party to hate him like Obama's twin brother in Politics Deval Patrick!

Our "Republican" Governor Mitt Romney gave us all sorts of liberal crap like Socialized Health care (that went into debt in under 3 months!) Massive Gun control, and catered to massive tax leeches in the state.

Patrick is so hated by both sides of the aisle that he's accomplished NOTHING.

Ask me which one I like more?

Anonymous said...

Breda - The way I see it, gay marriage is about freedom - about not having government looking over your shoulder telling you who you can or cannot spend your life loving.

Exactly. There's been a lot of talk about "rebranding" the GOP and trying to decide how to pitch the party in the face of the filthy democrats' (spit) victories in the past couple of years. Frankly, I think that libertarianism is a pretty good route, and one that would have met with considerable approval from many of our noble forebears. Fundamentally, the government really hasn't got any business telling people how to live their lives. Unfortunately, both parties do this and too many of their voters cheer them on; it's part of the "I know better than you how to live your life" attitude that we all have to some degree.

It remains to be seen whether all the retards who voted for The Annointed One will continue to worship him after they find that he's NOT a "lightworker" who will answer all their prayers, or whether they'll blame somebody else for his foul-ups so he can remain the messiah that they seem to need. I suspect Bush will remain the dem's (spit) Goldstein so that they can continue to worship Big Brother Obama with a clear conscience.

As an aside, I must say that the bloggosphere has been good for me in getting past the homophobia that I grew up with. Oddly enough, church has also been good, especially those parts of the confession when we ALL admit that we ALL sin and fall short of the mark.

Tam said...

Medic Matthew,

"While we're on the subject, where does a gay, pro-gun, pro-DeityOfYourChoice, military supporting libertarian go to find like minded people?"

Well, you can hang out with us if you want.

Ish said...

Also, don't forget about Pink Pistols! Not the most active group, mind you, but one that does some important work by just plain existing.

Also, try to get active in as many pro-gun, pro-DeityOfYourChoice, military supporting, libertarian leaning other arenas as you can.

The NRA has gotten a lot more involved with women and minority shooters, as a result of women and minorities who have gotten more involved with the NRA.

Local level GOP parties have gotten more libertarian, as a result of libertarians getting into the local GOP groups.

Don't let your sexual orientation be your defining characteristic, but don't be afraid to let it be known either.

LabRat said...

I've always felt, in a mopey know-it-will-never-happen kind of way, that the Republicans could score a massive political coup by first separating civil and religious marriage, then extending the civil franchise to same-sex couples. Not only would that win over a lot of gay voters, it would also win over a lot of fence-sitters I know who find the GOP homophobia utterly incomprehensible and thoroughly mean-spirited to boot. I know anti-gay-marriage folks don't see it that way, but from the outside it looks an AWFUL lot like "We're opposed to any love we don't approve of, so no couple privileges for YOU. By the way, this is the family-values position!"

Of course, I also think conservatism could win back an awful lot of the credit it's lost in academic realms by dumping the "intelligent design" we're-so-oppressed-because-they-say-it's-not-science people. That's about as likely to happen.

MedicMatthew- as said, feel free to hang out with us, but you know Alphecca and Gay Cynic's places, right?

Elizabeth said...

Why has the gay community put it's trust in the Dems? Because the Reps keep fellatiating the wackjob, theocratic, religious right who would be happy drag this nation into a theocratic state where homosexuality is punishable by stoning to death. Both parties are after our freedoms, they just come from different angles. Rs, lead by the wackjob-religious-right, want to restrict what happens in the bedroom, science, research, and education, among other things. Ds fall into the mommy-state protect us from ourselves trap. Both disgust me, but the Rs do more so than the Ds.

Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

Ah, the traditional kick in the teeth to a *special interest group*. Anybody could spot this a mile away, but in the end, is the LGBT community really gonna vote Republican.

MedicMatthew said...

I should have phrased my comment differently or added an addendum to convey "where does a gay, pro-gun, pro-DeityOfYourChoice, military supporting libertarian go to find a mate?" For every pro-gun gay I meet there are a dozen anti-gun gays. Although, while I was living in Pittsburgh I took a friend to the range with me and after a lesson in the Four Rules and a demonstration on how to operate the Sig & the Glock he sent a few rounds downrange, put the pistol on the bench and turned and said "That was fucking awesome!" and proceeded to burn through the rest of the box of ammunition.

Does this mean I can sit at the cool kids table now?

There is no local chapter of the Pink Pistols near me, which is really unfortunate because I can't help but giggle every time I see their logo. (silhouette of an isosceles hold inside an inverted pink triange with the phrase 'Armed gays don't get bashed')

old and angry said...

Why do "Gays"insist on using the term "Marriage".
Civil unions are available to them.
I'm sure a lot more people would turn the other cheek to them,if they could just bear to use that term.

But they can't, can they!

They have to be loud and proud and demand to be married.

Sooner they go back in the closet the better!

MedicMatthew said...

Do not trivialize me by putting the word gay in quotes. Do I refer to you as a "straight"?

The assumption that civil unions are available to same sex couples is wrong. Same sex marriage is currently legal only in Massachusetts & Connecticut, civil unions (with varying degrees of rights) are only allowed in eight states.

Secondly, civil unions do not confer the same rights as marriage. A civil union does not necessarily allow for:
-The joint filing of income tax returns
-Creating 'family partnership' under federal tax law allowing division of business income among family members
-Inheritance of a spouses estate
receiving an exemption from both state taxes and gift taxes for all property given or left to a spouse.
-Create life estate trusts that are restricted to married couples.
-Obtaining priority if a conservator needs to be appointed for a spouse
receiving social security, medicare and disability benefits for spouses
-Receiving veterans & military benefits for spouses.
-Receiving public assistance benefits
-Receiving surviving spouse benefits for fallen public safety personnel.
-A persons next of kin to even have to allow their loved one's spouse to see them in a hospital.

I could go on but I don't feel like poring over the 1200+ benefits of marriage over civil unions.

Marriage equality is a right, not a privilege held only for the heterosexual population. I have yet to meet anyone who can tell me that the sanctity of their marriage would be lost if I were allowed to marry someone of the same sex. Just looking at the current divorce rate tells us that the heterosexual population really hasn't done so well in maintaining the sanctity of marriage. Perhaps rather than restrict marriage rights we should restrict divorce rights; or perhaps your true worry is that same sex marriage would defile the sanctity of heterosexual divorce.
Massachusetts has allowed same-sex marriage for a few years now, has it done any harm?

In closing,
Sooner they go back in the closet the better!

Seriously? Did you actually write that? I don't even have to explain how ignorant that statement is.

LabRat said...

I honestly don't get why people are puzzled that gay couples want to marry and have it be called that.

Would YOU be happy with a civil union? No? You want to marry your partner because the word marriage means something important to you? It does to them, too. Mystery solved, sheesh.

As for the closet... yeah, it's WAY better when people are marrying partners they don't love as a cover, lying to everyone they know, and picking up various STDs. We should totally try our best to go back to that.

Anonymous said...

Just because someone labels themselves a Republican does not automatically mean they are a homophobe. I personally think gays should be allowed to marry, after all why should straights be the only ones to suffer the marriage tax. And just think of all the new work for divorce lawyers. Oh and in case you missed it dems the religious right was booted out with the selection of McCain as the republican candidate.

Elizabeth said...

Oh and in case you missed it dems the religious right was booted out with the selection of McCain as the republican candidate.

Oh really? Then how would you describe the selection of Ms. Casting out Witches, The earth is only 6000 years old, dinosaurs and humans walked the earth at the same time, GOD wants me to be VP Palin as Rep. Veep nominee?

LabRat said...

Uhhhh... Elizabeth? You want to back up a bit and, y'know, BACK UP some of your assertions? The most "creationist" Palin has ever been on the public record was in saying she thought it should be allowed to be discussed in the classroom if a student brought it up, which is actually a much more tepid position than her own party had as a platform at the time. (They wanted intelligent design actively taught.) As for the casting-out-witches thing, all she did was stand there while a visiting pastor from Africa said something along those lines- she should maybe have disrupted the event and insulted their guest to repudiate the existence of witches instead?

Look, I'm an atheist and evolution is my passion, but Palin never struck me as much more than a mainstream evangelical Protestant- and believe you me, I have my major issues with whom I regard as seriously creepy religious-right politicians. (Mike Huckabee being among them.) One of the reasons I liked her was that so far as I can determine, she never actually made any attempt to legislate her beliefs- she just had them.